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During the summertime, your patio, porch or deck can quickly become a second living room. To fully enjoy your outdoor space, along with the nice weather, yummy barbecue and good conversation that goes with it, you need a comfortable set of patio furniture. Nice weatherproof and waterproof patio sofas or sectionals ensure there is plenty of seating for a full-blown party, or even an intimate family get-together. Whether you're looking for an entire patio sofa set or just an individual piece, here is some helpful advice to consider.

How big should my outdoor sofa be?

The size of your space, as well as the size of your family, will dictate this decision. An oversized outdoor lounge sofa can easily overwhelm a small deck or patio, so measure your space beforehand and plan out a layout that accommodates all but still leaves a little walking room. If space is sparse, try a single sofa, small outdoor love seat or even individual armchairs instead. For those with a little more space, go for optimal comfort with a plush sectional — complete with waterproof cushions and pillows, of course — or an oversized daybed.

What outdoor sofa material options are there?

Surprisingly, there are a lot of materials to choose from when browsing through patio furniture collections. Consider your style and find something that complements your taste; wicker and wood are often traditional choices, while rattan and metal can be contemporary, if they have the right finishes. Other options for outdoor lounge sofas include aluminum and teak, while durable fabric cushions are a popular way to add personality and color to whatever frame you choose.

What other patio furniture pieces should I buy?

Patio furniture often comes in sets, so if you want a cohesive look, opt to buy a patio sofa, armchairs and coffee table at the same time. Or you can collect your pieces over time, accumulating an armchair here and a side table there. Outdoor side and coffee tables are great for entertaining and dining, while additional armchairs and rocking chairs can ensure there's plenty of seating. For ultimate relaxation, try adding a daybed or a pair of chaise lounges.