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Salt and Pepper Shakers and Mills

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Salt and pepper shakers are found on dining tables worldwide. These flavorful spices are a common topping for all sorts of dishes, and their holders have become decor pieces in themselves. Typically coming in sets, salt and pepper mills are often playful pairs and great conversation pieces. Whether you’re searching for a classically shaped Peugeot pepper mill or a unique salt and pepper shaker set, keep in mind the following tips when making your decision:

What is the difference between salt and pepper grinders and shakers?

Grinding or shaking your salt and pepper will produce different flavor in the spices. Also referred to as pepper mills, a pepper grinder will literally grind up whole peppercorns with a simple twisting motion and deposit the fresh grinds on top of your food. A salt grinder will do the same with coarse salt, and a spice mill is great for other fresh spices and dried herbs. Keeping the spice whole until the moment of consumption will give a more intense flavor. Shakers, on the other hand, are filled with pre-ground spices, so they just need a quick shake to sprinkle your food with the desired amount of flavoring.

Luckily, the flavor of your salt and pepper will not be affected by the material that the grinder or shaker is made of, which leaves you open to choose a stainless steel, wood, plastic or ceramic salt shaker or pepper grinder.