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Who says the holiday fun has to end at the mantel? A smattering of colorful and glistening Christmas decorations found around the house can transform your interior into a magical space. If you’ve already decided on your holiday decor theme, now’s the time to purchase those key pieces and begin arranging them on shelves, in nooks and crannies, on top of the mantel and on tabletops. Here are some ideas on how you can create a yuletide-infused home for the holidays:

Brighten your mantel and shelves with Christmas decorations.

One of the first places many people decide to add a bit of festivity to is the fireplace mantel. Similarly, unused shelf space can provide the perfect spot for nativity sets, a Christmas village and that playful Christmas elf who keeps cropping up in odd places. If you choose to decorate your mantel or shelves you can begin to create a captivating centerpiece by removing everyday decorations. Once the area is clear, layer in holiday decorations of varying heights and sizes to keep things interesting. Shelves and mantels are also the perfect place for a couple of jaunty nutcrackers.

Add festivity to the family dinner with Christmas table decorations.

Give them something to talk about while they wait for Aunt Midge to pass the potatoes with an elegant or rustic centerpiece. Try to pick one item to act as the focal point, like a fanciful ceramic Christmas tree, then layer smaller items around it. Feel free to bring in pieces of nature, even artificial ones, like pinecones, berry-laden branches and flowers. This is also a wonderful spot for some candles — eating dinner by candlelight can create a more intimate environment!

Add a Christmas decoration or two to your windows.

If your windows won’t be rimmed with snow, make your own by hanging snowflake decorations from the tops of your windows or applying them directly to the glass. Christmas window decorations are a fun and non-damaging way to add candles, Santa, reindeer and other holiday icons to your holiday decor. The best part is, they can be seen from the outside too.

Fill every nook and cranny with Christmas decor.

Some of the best holiday interior design schemes come from thinking outside the box. You can incorporate almost any space into your decorating plan with the right pieces. Before the area around your tree is filled with presents, set up a Christmas train set for some traditional appeal. If your home has an elegant chandelier, drape ribbons around it and complement them with some hanging holiday decorations (Just make sure your design won’t become a fire hazard!). Swap out your everyday bathroom vanity accoutrements for some vintage holiday decorations. Anything is game when it comes to holiday decor!