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If you’ve got the space, sectional sofas are ideal for lounging and entertaining. More spacious than a standard frame, these couches may come with an attached chaise lounge or come in curved, U- or L-shaped designs. With all of the extra lounge room, these couches can make your home feel especially inviting and comfortable. And because these pieces easily become the focal point in any room, it’s important to do your homework to find just the right one. Use this guide below as you consider what type of sectional couch is right for you:

What shape and size do I want my sectional sofa to be?

Sectional couches come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the first thing to consider when deciding on just one is the layout of your space. If your sofa is going to be used for watching TV, note where the television is and what will be a comfy viewing position for everyone. Think about whether you want your couch to be left or right-facing, as well as what shape you’d like it to be. If you’d like to create a cozy living room area separate from your kitchen, an L-shaped couch is a great option. Similarly, a U-shaped couch is perfect for chatting with guests and entertaining in an expansive living room or open floor plan. While these sorts of styles often work best in larger spaces, it is possible to find a small sectional sofa with just a chaise lounge on one side of a straight couch. If you’re simply looking to stretch out and read a book or watch TV in comfort, the sectional sofa with chaise style is for you.

What is the best material and color for my sectional couch?

Sectionals can look great in many different types of materials, from leather to suede to microfiber. When choosing the right upholstery material for your home, consider the look you want to go for and what will be easiest for you to maintain. A leather sectional is a popular choice, and it makes an already plush couch style feel even more luxurious. For something more affordable yet still soft and comfortable, a microfiber sectional is a great option. When considering your sofa’s color, remember that its large size will draw attention even in muted tones. That’s why going for a more subdued upholstery color, like that of a gray sectional sofa, can be a wise move. Simply think about what will be most comfortable for you and any family members. Something like a classic blue sectional in a dark navy hue or a washed-out blue might fit right into your space. After all, your couch should be a place for you to relax!

What features do I like in sectional sofas?

Sectional couches can pack in a lot of function, so your search should also be based around what sorts of features you’d like to enjoy. If you often have overnight guests, a sectional sofa bed may be just the thing. If you’re big on movie nights at home, consider investing in a reclining sectional for ultimate comfort. If your foresee yourself moving or simply wanting to rearrange your living room now and then, a modular sectional sofa can provide extra versatility. This style consists of detachable halves that can be rearranged to create a left or right facing couch.

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