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Homes big and small can benefit from extra storage. Whether in your home office, laundry room or garage, there’s always something — most likely a lot of things — that are best stashed out of sight. That’s where the storage cabinet comes in handy. Made for practical purposes, these pieces can house supplies for household chores, arts and crafts, and anything in-between. As you shop for the perfect storage cabinet for your needs, keep in mind the following tips.

Where should I put a storage cabinet?

Ideally, you should place it close to where you will be using whatever is stored inside. So if you have an abundance of pens and paper, you’re best bet would be to find a suitable spot in or near your home office to set up a dedicated office storage cabinet. Likewise, if you find your laundry products are strewn about, giving them their own home near the washer and dryer will provide easy access and make doing laundry a much more pleasant experience. If you need a more general storage system and space inside is limited, try installing some garage storage cabinets. You can label each shelf to make sure everyone puts items back in the correct spot, that way (in an ideal world) canned food won’t end up next to dirty sports gear. For mudroom solutions, pick out a set of lockers so each family member has their own spot. Kids will love this, and you’ll spend less time sorting out jackets and backpacks.

What storage cabinet designs are available?

You’re sure to come across all types of designs, including wood, plastic and metal storage cabinet options. Most models will be strong and sturdy, so your biggest decision is which style you want; metal tends to be industrial, while plastic can be more modern and wood a bit more traditional. With that in mind, consider how each one will coordinate with surrounding furniture and decor you currently have. Additionally, you may want to look for certain features, such as a storage cabinet with doors that slide instead of swing open, or a corner storage cabinet that takes up less space. Another great feature to look for, especially if you plan to store valuables or have small children, is a unit that locks. Make sure the key is kept somewhere you will remember!