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Patterns on walls are stylish, but sometimes intricate. You might currently be obsessing over a design with specific colors and shapes, only to find out that it doesn’t exist in wallpaper form. The thought of painstakingly drawing it by hand is definitely out of the question. To achieve a custom look with ease, wall stencils are a great solution.

How do I choose a wall stencil?

First, examine the room in which your new wall stencil will go. Does it need a visual boost? Or perhaps there is already a focal point that you simply want to complement. Either way, pick a pattern that will balance the space. Typically, stencils for walls are designed to cover large surface areas; however, smaller designs, like a stand-alone damask stencil, work well to add little pops of interest on your wall. If you have lots of textures and patterns in the space already, think about using large wall stencils as opposed to smaller scale, detailed designs. If you’ve got a blank canvas to work with, try to think ahead and envision the furniture and accessories you will be incorporating — seeing the bigger picture can help you decide on a design. There are a lot of living room or bedroom wall stencils design ideas, or even kitchen stencil ideas as well.

Once you have narrowed down your wall stencil patterns, move on to color. Remember, you are placing paint stencils on a currently blank surface. You’ll be seeing a big visual change, and often the pattern will speak for itself. Don’t feel obligated to use two highly contrasting colors (unless that’s the look you’re going for). Try creating a subtle but stunning effect by using a combination of flat and glossy paints in the same color or similar shades. For example, using this technique with Moroccan stencils will give you a modern take on a worldly design. Wall stenciling can really make a statement, you just need to figure out exactly what you want to say!

Most importantly, find wall stencils that will bring you joy every day!