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Wall coverings were once seen as old-fashioned, but the options available today are something to be proud of. Current wallpaper and decals can range from understated to in-your-face and, when paired with the proper paint and decor, can really enhance a space. Finding the balance between beautiful and gaudy can be challenging, but the trick to deciding on the right wall treatments is to consider what best reflects your style and personality.

How can I spice up my current wall covering?

If you’re thinking about transitioning from plain old paint to something livelier, first consider what works for each specific room. If your living room is already full of patterns and colors, you might want to opt for a subtler wall covering, such as a neutral grass cloth wallpaper or a simple wall stencil. If you have a room in major need of some color, don’t be afraid to cover all the walls with a bright, vibrant pattern — or downsize the look by having one colorful accent wall instead. You can even add a small border or create faux wainscoting with wallpaper and paint. There are several ways to make mundane wall coverings more interesting; which method you use is up to you.

What if I want temporary wall treatments?

For those looking for a short-term solution, wall decals are a popular alternative. There is a wide variety of options, and they look great everywhere, including in the kitchen or kids’ rooms. Decals work well for renters, because they are easy to apply and take off, although homeowners will also appreciate their nonpermanent characteristics. They are often cheaper as well, though high-quality options can be a bit pricier.

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