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How to distribute cool air around the house?

10 years ago

We've recently installed a 15,000 BTU Friedrich Chill through-the-wall room AC in our dining room.

The dining room opens to the living room by a five-foot wide archway. Our problem is that the AC only cools down the dining room and the air doesn't get to the living room hardly at all. This is despite the fact that

1)The wall AC unit has louvres that move the airflow from side to side

2) we have a ceiling fan in the living room circulating air

3) we have a window fan in the living room set to exhaust the hot air in the room

3) we also bought a vornado fan meant specifically to improve airflow and set it to blow air from the dining room to the living room

So we have the wall AC running full blast, and it hasn't gotten the living room cool at all. The dining room isn't even that big, but when you cross over through the archway into the living room, you can immediately feel the wall of heat.Our house is also insulated and sealed well (for a 1920s house), if that makes any difference.

The dining room is cool but the air is not getting outside the room. Help!?

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