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Droopy Basil Leaves

6 years ago

I planted some sweet basil a week ago, and they were perky and healthy looking. I bought a a single peat pot with a whole clump of plants in and separated them, possibly disrupting the root system. A couple days ago, it got really hot and sunny (85 degrees) and the basil got droopy. (It wasn't over 75 degrees until that day.) The next day was cloudy and rainy, and I added water, but they still didn't perk up. Yesterday night, they were almost back to normal; most of the leaves were stiff and perky. Today, they became droopy again.

I have a few theories as to why this could be happening.

1. Transplant shock-separating all the plants may have caused root disruptions and some transplant shock which was not helped by the hot weather.

2. Too much sun, but why would they be droopy on a cloudy day too?

3. Root rot-the rain and extra water may have caused root rot, but why would the plants perk back up in the evening?

4. Disease-certain diseases can also cause basil to get droopy, and eventually die; however, very little yellowing leaves, yet.

5. Time to establish itself.

I am unsure what's wrong with my basil, and any input is appreciated.

Here are some pictures. Sorry that it's hard to tell that they are droopy. Also there is a little yellowing.

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