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hello there! trash can drawers !!

Reine Anderson
3 years ago

I really like the trash can solution for under the sink.
What do I need to buy to recreate this?
I have the 2 outer cupboard doors.
A million thanks,

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  • PRO
    mackmiller design+build
    3 years ago

    Hi Reine,

    Basically you need 4 heavy duty undermount glides, 2 rollout boxes preferably higher in the front than back and sides to stabilize your door to the rollout, some 1/2 boards to secure your waste container and partition off areas behind it to prevent items behind the waste container from hitting disposal and plumbing. and some miscellaneous boards to secure your glides to the base cabinet

    Depending on your skills and patience, hiring a cabinetmaker to do this for you is probably the best bet. You will still have some trimming and fitting of the inter partitions and maybe the back of the rollout to make it fit past your plumbing and disposal. Depending on your cabinet style the alignment of the doors can be tricky.

    This set up works best when the sink baskets are located towards the back of the sink and your disposal diameter is small (1/2 horse disposals with no insulation work the best).

    There are also some off the shelf solutions that attach to the hinged door. One I like by Rev-A-Shelf is their IN-BIN #R-INBIN-306 that uses plastic supermarket bags. It isn't so fussy about depth to the plumbing and disposal. It is a much simpler, cheaper and just as effective of a trash solution.

    I hope that helps.

  • Reine Anderson
    Original Author
    3 years ago

    This is so helpful! You are a rock Star!
    Sadly, I purchased a really large garbage disposal, so my trash cans, like those in the photo, will be in the front.
    I will be forwarding your supply list to my contractor 😊!
    Thanks Again,
    Reine Anderson