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How to count maturity days?

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Question - please settle this between me and my co-worker.

I've been gardening for decades. All this time, I've thought for vegs that are traditionally transplanted (e.g., tomatoes, peppers, eggplants), the maturity days on the seed packet is from date of transplant, by which time the plant could be almost 2 months "old" (50+ days). Co-worker says the days on the packet are the total days from germination. But if a tomato or pepper packet says 80 days, I've never gotten fruit a month after transplanting.

I think the "from germination" counting applies to direct sow vegs like squash, cuke, radish, peas, beans, etc.

For flowers, I agree with co-worker that the days to bloom noted on the pacekt are from germination.

I think co-worker's logic is because they never start seeds and transplant. So the concept of counting from transplanting is foreign. They direct sow everything once it's warm, even tomatoes. They also come from a tropical country, where it's summer year-round, so not sure if that affects how they think about planting a garden.

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