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D Scott

I totally agree. I have a 60s ranch purchased almost 2 years ago. I'm constantly looking for ways to give it a fresh new look but maintain the original character of the home. I personally think it has it's own beauty that can't be duplicated now days bc everyone is so interested in gutting and upgrading. I will be replacing the front door w/one that has a glass pane to allow more natural light to come through and I'm torn because i kind of like the idea of keeping the wrought iron columns on the front porch (not sure why I'm torn because hey, if i like it..i like it, right?). The paneling that remains in some rooms of the home have been painted and actually looks really nice. Much more affordable than ripping out and replacing. I just feel a lot of old with a little new works better for me and is more appealing. All this talk about ranch homes being cookie cutter...well actually i can say the same thing about all the new builds going up. Oh and in my kitchen, the textured painted paneling looks beautiful with my all white cabinets and all stainless steel appliances and wood floors. A little has definitely gone a long way in this home w/out altering it to much.

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I bought my 1969 ranch house 8 years ago, and have been slowly improving it. The first thing that went were the awful metal windows with their useless storm coverings. I replaced them with double-paned vinyl windows, which did a lot to lower my heating and cooling bills! I've also replaced the patio roof, and redid the siding and soffits, which freshened the appearance without ruining its aesthetic. I also just redid the kitchen, knocking out a small wall between the tiny laundry room and an outside accessible storage room, extending the pantry. I replaced the drop-in range with a regular slide-in (requiring some minor cabinet modifications), and upgraded the countertop, sink, and flooring. The dining room had those dark fake paneled walls, and I repainted one. The bathrooms are next on my renovation list- and I plan to pretty them up without losing their character.

I'm not a fan of open plan homes, because I have a lot of books and art that need storage and display. My home is small by modern standards (1250SF), but perfect for one person. Mine is one of the few homes in my neighborhood that hasn't been added on to, but that might be a future endeavor. I like the sturdiness and accessibility of these older homes, and I also like the size of my yard and convenience to my city.

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Now (top) and from the move in day (below). We took it from 1960's to the 2000's. We painted the yellowish brick a nice soft hue and added all brand new windows and changed the siding to stone. Now we love it! We also made it more aging in place capable.

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