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Lori Designs

Interesting article! Hallways are definitely underrated and these were great tips. Nice job!

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Lovely grand hallways!! Great article. I have a small entry hallway that showcases my new oak staircase. At the end of the hallway I have a framed print of roses by my favorite artist: Paul de Longpre. I have many of his framed prints scattered around my home.

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Lois Winstock

Our 1911 detached Edwardian city house had narrow halls and a miniscule entrance. Two of the benefits of having torn it down were having wider halls and a generous foyer in our new, custom build. I love Persian rugs - all of my rooms have them, even the kitchen - because they are beautiful, tough, and never cease to fascinate. I’m still looking for hall runners, though. They are an excellent foundation for my transitional/traditional esthetic. Because our house has under-floor hot water radiant heat, our floors are engineered birch, and the rugs that lie on them, wool or cotton. The staircase treads are not heated, of course. We installed a high quality custom polyester runner that defies cat nails. In my foyer, I had a matte, green slate tile installed as a “rug” insert framed by the wood covering all my floors. Slate is a surface that somehow invites people to walk on it. Hence, guests no longer congregate in a 3’ tiled square space, as they did in our old house, but, instead, spread out along the full length and width of the slate, and where I have positioned a table and chairs (the closest chair to the front door in the old house was at its opposite end). My staircase spans 4 stories (we have an elevator), with white risers and pickets, and stained treads and banister. While our wood floors and risers have a matte finish, our banister has a satin finish - smoother under the hand. The pickets of my staircase resemble pool cues, hence their name. Stair fabricators prefer the more colonial-type pickets because they are much easier to install, but mine are far simpler and decidedly transitional. Thankfully, our staircase was wide enough to allow for the continuation of the hall wainscoting. Steps lights were problematic; installed in both the white baseboards (on the landings) and the pale taupe stringers (up the stairs), the typically unobtrusive step light wouldn’t work. Neither white nor ivory would, either. I decided to make them a style statement, so used round steplights with oil-rubbed bronze bezels to match my door and window hardware. I put a sconce on every landing. I’m thinking of installing 4” LED swivel eyeballs on the hall ceilings at the side of the open stairwell to cast light on paintings we intend to hang there. Finally, we had a 5’x7’ leaded glass lens made and installed in our stairwell. It provides amazing light. This lens diffuses what would otherwise be glaring sunlight, while the crystals inserted in the pattern provides a multitude of prisms over all 4 floors. A lighting strip installed above the lens, but within the dome of the skylight, allows us to illuminate the skylight at night. It’s a nice touch.


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