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Another great article by the wise and generous David Warfel. Our kitchen lighting is beautiful and perfect thanks to David’s “Five layers of a well-lit kitchen” article and very patient answers to many questions I posed. I’m saving this one for our upcoming bathroom remodels…

Question for those who have the LED-bordered mirrors: My DW really wants to incorporate these into our bathroom remodel but I am skeptical; afraid of having a glare in my face. Are some of these mirrors better than others? Any brand, shape, size, etc., recommendations?

I also worry from a design perspective that these look more modern whereas we are usually more transitional / classic in our style.

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Another FYI - Using glass shades seems congruent with a bathroom, but be aware that they're a pain to keep clean. I have two in my primary bathroom, which I faithfully clean since I'm doing my makeup there, and two in a guest bathroom that collects more dust. They're a lovely design element and definitely enhance the light available. Just be aware of the "maintenance" factor.

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Well, it's true. The backlit mirror is NOT enough light for makeup. So I will get pendants added. Am I about to make another mistake by choosing these? Here is the vanity too.


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