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Example of a transitional formal living room design in Denver with a standard fireplace

Cherry HillsTransitional Living Room, Denver

This project was designed by Mikal Otten. Interior design by Beth Armijo (www.armijodesigngroup.com). Photography by Emily Minton Redfield.

Example of a transitional formal living room design in Denver with a standard fireplace —  Houzz
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Questions About This Photo (102)
mildred1 wrote:Mar 16, 2012
  • Marilou Eby
    What is the size of the fireplace insert?
  • PRO
    COASTROAD Hearth & Patio
    This is only an educated guess, because this is not my project, but it appears to be a 36" fireplace model.

    By the way, when the unit is installed into a framed wall, it is a fireplace, not an insert. By definition, an insert must be installed into a woodburning fireplace.
PDX Longhorn wrote:Feb 15, 2012
  • Victoria Victoria
    Hi Mikal, let me compliment you on the cabinets, they are gorgeous, like all other projects I saw on your website. We have replicated these cabinets but now we are struggling to find a mesh. Could you please advise what kind of mesh did you use and what size (how fine is the mesh)? Thank you so much.
  • PRO
    Monarch Sofas
    while we didn't make these exact sofas, we offer our Cassie Style English Rollarm in any size, configuration and color. xoxo eva @ monarchsofas.com

    ps. of course we make ottomans too ;))




David Kim wrote:May 2, 2012
  • K M
    Do you know where the pillows are from???
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    Not sure exactly. Feel free to try the interior designer. www.armijodesigngroup.com
    Best to you!
Tina Kwong wrote:Feb 27, 2014
  • PRO
    Passionate Home
    What about a sort of Gothic-style door? The attached photos are of the existing kitchen cabinetry and I'd want the dining room cabs to be similar/complementary. See the attached photo.
  • PRO
    Passionate Home
    Here are the attachments if they didn't come through earlier.
jfuller14 wrote:Oct 19, 2012
  • PRO
    Passionate Home
    Screening great for allowing any heat generated by electronic equipment to escape rather than build up in a cupboard.
  • kpc5183

    Could you please tell us the item number for the mesh at Outwater Plastics? I have ordered mesh attempting to match this picture twice now, and I have had to return it each time as it's so hard to replicate from a picture. An item number would be much appreciated. I really love the mesh you chose!

lizburke1776 wrote:Nov 9, 2012
  • PRO
    LG Designs
    What are the measurments of your ottoman? I would really appreciate it.
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    The ottoman was provided by the owner. Don't have record of dimensions.
    Best to you,
soniena wrote:Oct 1, 2012
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    Don't recall the brand. Sorry. the TV Is entirely black.
    The trim is part of the cast stone surround.
  • tnwith4
    Is the stone fireplace mantle painted the same color as on the walls?
windsong1 wrote:Jun 1, 2012
  • iwaymark
    Thank you.
  • Janita Mastin
    just enough of the ocean city blue on the cabinets with splashs of blue colors in the room - love it...
Pamela Jones wrote:Jul 30, 2013
  • mandiholekamp
    The ottoman looks like one I own from Arhaus.
  • beachcomber
    Surround is from Distinctive Mantels in Denver. Website has many options.
willowbay wrote:Sep 15, 2012
  • bananamamma

    OC-11 BM - Clay Beige or at least pretty sure that's what it is

  • Cami Dass

    I am interested to know the color of the cabinets. Is it a blue/grey color? Thanks

rustyflowers143 wrote:Mar 3, 2012
  • Lisa
    We have ours above the fireplace (gas) and it's not a problem. We mounted it with a bracket that allows it to turn and tilt, so it's easy to see from any point in the room.
  • PRO
    COASTROAD Hearth & Patio
    There's another really long-winded answer here on houzz.com (mine), but I'll offer the condensed version . . .
    The short version is: If you can mount the TV over the fireplace where the TV doesn't get hot, then go for it.
    The distance away from the fireplace opening, whether or not there is a mantel shelf between the fireplace and the TV to deflect the rising heat, and what type of fireplace it is (gas vs. wood, vented vs. unvented, etc.) all make a difference in how hot it gets up there.
    At least half of the fireplaces we install have TVs over the top. That being said, it's not usually the best place to put a TV because it may be too high for comfortable viewing.
Sylvia Shanfield wrote:Jul 11, 2015
  • PRO
    Casa Castteli
    Vanguard furniture has a custom ottoman program 60 x 60 is available, I also believe they work with c.o.m fabrics so that could be an option if they do not have a fabric you are looking for
  • kbass52
    Re: ottoman purchase inquiry, I found a similar gorgeous 60x60 tufted ottoman at Arhaus. They have this beautiful furniture chain in IL, STL for sure. You can customize with your own fabric & w/o nail heads, etc.
    Good luck! :)
dykstralauren wrote:May 16, 2014
  • kempski
    What is the custom mix? I am familiar with glazes.
  • PRO
    Passionate Home
    Hi. For some reason, your question about the cabinet paint color came to me. I am a decorative painter who had commented on the cabinets, but I did not paint them. I noticed that in an earlier post, the designer noted that the paint is a custom color with a glaze.
johnandnomi wrote:Sep 13, 2013
  • selh05
    What height is the mantle & tv?
  • reallygorgeous
    what blue is the cabinet ?
janetotranto wrote:Jul 20, 2013
  • kitchennew
    what color is the cabinets? Thanks!
  • Carolyn Casey

    Didn't see the answer....do you know the color of the cabinets? Thanks!

sww9 wrote:Jan 9, 2013
  • PRO
    Distinctive Mantel Designs, Inc
    Distinctive Mantel Designs, Inc. www.distinctivemantels.com
  • Linda
    Would you share the paint color of the cabinets?
coleman0711 wrote:Dec 7, 2012
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    Sorry, no additional images.
  • ncusip
    How much did these built ins cost?
tiffanyschulte wrote:Feb 22, 2012
jeannemay57 wrote:Feb 19, 2012
  • js08726

    Love the blue bookshelves. May I please know the color?

  • js08726

    Is the ottoman blue velvet? I love it!

Julie Cronk wrote:Sep 23, 2014
  • ssubba
    Attach is the picture
  • akhaldi

    Can you tell what the dimensions for your mantel (height, width, depth) Thank you so much.

jordan283 wrote:Jun 1, 2014
  • jordan283
    Thanks so much for the reply.
  • Janie Gall
    I ordered the catalog but there are several. Can you tell me which screen you purchased or attach a close up picture of the screen
call23 wrote:Nov 22, 2013
  • PRO
    Guilford of Maine makes a wide verity of acoustic fabrics
  • anjumgeorge
    Which finish option was chosen for the woven wire grillers?
markflores wrote:Oct 31, 2013
  • PRO
  • call23
    Which wire did you insert into the cabinets, and do you know where I can get it?
    Thank you!
wonderingwoo wrote:May 17, 2013
  • Elizabeth Garcia
    what color paint was used on the built-ins?
  • Nancy Padfield
    I love the sofa's can you tell me where they are from and are they durable for a lake house
Beth Moran wrote:Apr 10, 2013
cjweener wrote:Jan 14, 2013
  • Katie Basten
    it looks like Lee to me
  • PRO
    Upholstery Creations
shannondburton wrote:Jan 8, 2013
jeb0117 wrote:Mar 25, 2012
  • jeb0117
    Thank you - lovely room!
  • PRO
    Can you remember what color the mantle is? Is it the Buff Stone?
A v wrote:Aug 26, 2015
  • mikeallyk
    Yes! What type of paint and color please!!
  • bethanyminerosborne

    Color of cabinets are???? Please tell :D

Nina Carp wrote:May 31, 2015
  • PRO
  • PRO
    Casa Castteli
    I would suggest trying Rowe furniture they have a model called the Brooke, it looks really similar, and Rowe has amazing fabric choices and excellent quality. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact me.

fafie39 wrote:Jun 16, 2014
  • mdough6
    What color is the cabinet stain?
  • bailey510
    Need to know the color of the cabinets???
markflores wrote:Oct 31, 2013
  • Rosemary Zummak
    Cabinet glass
  • sc890

    Hi very pretty room - where are the couches from?

sheilap25 wrote:Jun 1, 2013
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    Sorry, this is the only image.
  • PRO
    Wheatley Wares - Chris Christensen

    You keep ignoring the question regarding the colour of the blue cabinets. Do you know? If yes, please provide. If no, please direct us to someone else who might know. Please

lindacahill wrote:Mar 21, 2013
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    Drapes were provided by www.armojodesigngroup.
  • linlax
    Wondering if anyone knows the rug name and manufacturer? Very prett!
cheerio1234 wrote:Feb 26, 2013
imsmac wrote:Jul 2, 2012
  • katecr
    How big are the couches and where can I get them? Love it!
  • PRO
    Monarch Sofas
    since i don't see the answers to these questions: while we didn't make these exact sofas, we offer our Cassie Style English Rollarm in any size, configuration and color. xoxo eva @ monarchsofas.com




Liesl wrote:May 4, 2012
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    I dont remember. You could try the designer. www.armijodesigngroup.com.
  • lovechop

    The designer will not reply to any question you have. Trust me, I've tested it several times

nicolemp wrote:Mar 30, 2012
  • Bobbi Evans
    I know this ottoman was custom made-- but would love more details: what is the color and where did you go, (manufacturer),etc? LOVE IT
  • BCL

    I would also like to know more about the ottoman and the fabric on it. Thank you

Jules wrote:Feb 21, 2012
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    This is a custom paint and glaze. The overall color effect is similar to Benjamin Moore #718 Ocean City Blue.
  • Jules
karifakin wrote:May 11, 2015
dgriffincurry wrote:Dec 3, 2014
  • sjr
    I believe it is a Persian rug (or copy) of a Kashan design. They are quite beautiful.
leonars wrote:Nov 3, 2014
  • 54gator
    Can you tell me how high the mantel is from the floor?
dktiger58 wrote:Sep 10, 2014
Karin Fulgham wrote:Mar 9, 2014
  • PRO
    chim-tex construction
    to clarify a insert is typically made of cast iron and installs in a masonry fireplace...this appears to be a direct vent type gas appliance.
jjc13 wrote:Feb 5, 2014
Elaine Stone wrote:Dec 23, 2013
bohmanl wrote:Jul 21, 2013
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    The ottoman was provided by the interior designer. www.armijodesigngroup.com.
    Try contacting Beth.
Brandon wrote:Jul 7, 2013
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    The rug was provided by the interior designer. www.armijodesigngroup.com.
    You could try contacting Beth Armijo.
kbschmidt83 wrote:Jun 19, 2013
  • Jill Shea
    What color are the built in cabinets?
amy484 wrote:Jan 28, 2013
laurahp13 wrote:Jan 2, 2013
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    The tv is built in. A recess is directly behind the tv. Components are stored in the left/lower built in.
    Best to you,
jjamb07 wrote:Nov 14, 2012
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    Sorry, don't know. They were provided by the owner.
    Best to you!
elisheva wrote:Jul 18, 2012
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    I'm sorry I don't know. They were provided by the home owners.
sportcourt52 wrote:Jul 6, 2012
cristel_98 wrote:Apr 15, 2012
  • PRO
    Exquisite Kitchen Design
    This was from the clients collection. I have no data on this.
    Good luck!
Deepika Thakur-Gupta wrote:Apr 4, 2016
    Mona l Vega wrote:Feb 16, 2016
      pmcride wrote:Jan 10, 2016
        rachelcwashburn wrote:Nov 20, 2015
          dunfer wrote:Nov 9, 2015
            Brenda Manning wrote:Aug 2, 2014
              johnnybegood1980 wrote:May 20, 2014
                jgross13 wrote:Dec 31, 2013
                  Carol Scott wrote:Oct 7, 2013
                    evanscottage wrote:May 1, 2013
                      yensb wrote:Nov 6, 2012
                        kathpil wrote:Sep 28, 2012

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                          Houzz added this to Cast StoneApr 27, 2012

                          This cast stone mantel continues up the wall to create a frame for the television.

                          What Houzzers are commenting on:

                          shopcarden added this to Nipomo blueyesterday

                          Nice layout. Colored bookshelves?

                          The Queen added this to wminty's Ideas4 days ago

                          Screened cabinets...good color too

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