Photo of a contemporary landscaping in San Diego.

Contemporary Landscape

Contemporary Landscape, San Diego

Photo of a contemporary landscaping in San Diego. - Houzz

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"K" wrote:April 30, 2013
  • sbandyk
    6 years ago
    The fencing will eventually discolor, but Ipe [like many South American hardwoods] is very weather resistant so discoloration will just be the mineral deposits from the rain. The wood's color is deepened by the sealer, but it's naturally red so a careful power-washing and re-sealing will restore the look.
    Just remember, a power-washer will tear up wood, even hard wood. the bigger 3000+psi models will cut boards if you've got some patience. If you don't know the proper technique to clean wood with a power washer, don't learn on something like this. Hire someone who does. :-)

    BTW.. I'm not one of the designers, just familiar with exotic woods and power washing. ;-)

    Other thing to consider.. Stainless Steel isn't stainless.. just more resistant to corrosion because it's an iron alloy [yea Nickel!]
    The composition of the alloy will affect how resilient to corrosion as well. There's cheap stainless [not particularly cheap] and expensive stainless. Good stainless won't attract a magnet.
    I'd seal it or wax it to keep it looking clean and corrosion free for as long as possible. Given the quality of the fence, I suspect they probably did.

    Very nice. Beautiful work.

    It'd be interesting with anodized Aluminum for the posts and in place of the stainless accents. Perhaps black or silver.. that is, if you could get find a place to get pieces that large anodized that didn't cost a fortune.
  • calledonia
    6 years ago
    Love the feeling of this space! Can you tell me what the columnar evergreens are that you used in the back? I'm also curious how tall and full around they will eventually get?
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Love this type of fence