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Example of a trendy beige tile alcove bathtub design in Toronto with flat-panel cabinets

Small Space BathroomContemporary Bathroom, Toronto

This small space bathroom features many small space tricks, including the perfect combination of mirror and glass, a beautiful floating vanity and an ample amount of storage in all of the right places. Photography by Brandon Barre.

Example of a trendy beige tile alcove bathtub design in Toronto with flat-panel cabinets —  Houzz

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This photo has 184 questions

leastanlake wrote:Mar 17, 2012
What brand and size is the tub

  • mcplimpton

    Stunning bath, Yanic! Tile dealer says tile discontinued, have you found a tile that duplicates this look? Thanks so much!

  • PRO
    Quality Bath

    The toilet is from the Toto Aquia collection, let us know if you have any questions!

hoxandjox wrote:Mar 18, 2012
How is the cupboard accommodated?

- What size is the vertical cupboard?

  • lisachip
    Hi there! Can you advise what type of hinge you used to fasten the glass door to the walls? Many thanks!
  • avinashg

    Can you advise what type of hinge you used to fasten the glass door to the walls? Many thanks!

joycjoy wrote:Mar 25, 2012
  • joycjoy

    Patty Scott, I would think that if you placed the glass at the foot of the tub, you would likely have a very difficult time manuvering past the toilet, but it probably would depend on how large your space is. If your space is large enough, I still don't know about the splash problem if you placed the glass at the foot of the tub.

  • Stacy Lynch
    Patty, to answer your question, No.
    But everybody is different.
shellrx wrote:Mar 26, 2012
  • jujucampbell
    Are the floor tiles the same as the wall tiles? I looked them up and it said they were made for wall. I'm having trouble finding a matching light porcelain tile for the floor and wall in a 12 x 24. Thanks for any help you can offer.
detmer wrote:Apr 2, 2012
alwilly45 wrote:Apr 18, 2012
  • applec34
    In addition to providing who makes the glass screen, can you tell me if this is a standard or custom size? Thanks!
The Grand Design wrote:Apr 21, 2012
  • djovicic
    Oh and does the toilet match the bathtub?
  • gerbalist
    A bead of caulking only? without any other way of securing the glass to the ceiling/wall/tub? please, clarify. thank you.
bevscrutch wrote:Apr 29, 2012
  • PRO
    Usha Digiacomo
    Accessories, decals, etc.
    Post a picture of your bathroom and we may be able help.
  • efasano10
    What floors are used
CYNDI FRANCO wrote:May 1, 2012
where can this vanity be purchased

rjknauf wrote:May 4, 2012
How do you turn on water without getting wet?

  • PRO
    You might want to get your mother to do it for you
  • PRO
    Quality Bath

    This is a Ronbow vanity and sink; feel free to reach out with any questions!

derkcir wrote:May 7, 2012
Are the tiles on the floor the same as on the wall?

- This is really going to help me finish my bathroom.

    saltandlight wrote:May 7, 2012
    What is the color and make of the tiles?

    • 051566
      Is this a porcelain tile? Do you know the name of the manufacturer? I'm not able to find this tile anywhere. Any help would be most appreciated, thank you!
    • dbarbour1954
      is this porcelain tile?
    loophole wrote:May 17, 2012
    toilet brand/model?

    carinar1244 wrote:May 29, 2012
    Where can I purchase the frosted glass cabinet doors?

    • Donna Vince

      Where can I purchase this tub?

    • Doe Pichard

      I am looking for a CLEAR glass tub enclosure not a frosted one. Thanks.

    lof9007 wrote:May 31, 2012
    Where can I purchase the tub?

    • Colleen and Randall Stern

      the glass enclosure --- is it just a customized piece of tempered glass and how is it mounted

    • Jennifer Putnam

      could you please let us know where to find this tub?

    Elain Stuebe wrote:Jun 6, 2012
    I would also love to know more about the tub..thx!

    • Lynn McMynn

      bathtub manufacturer

    boise4nw wrote:Jun 6, 2012
    • ckean88

      Yes. Poor design where aesthetics ignores function. No way to turn on water and balance hot/cold before stepping in without getting wet and water splashing everywhere.

    • boise4nw

      Yes, I did not go with this design. Function has to take priority over appearance in a shower.

    Cairy wrote:Jul 17, 2012
    What is the brand/model of the shower system?

    User wrote:Jul 18, 2012
    • cynthia scarlett
      Can you please tell me the dimensions of the niche? Bath looks lovely!
    • tessara

      I know this is an old post but can you tell me where you got the glass cabinet on the wall to the right of the tub?

    caligal911 wrote:Jul 20, 2012
    Loo Poletti wrote:Aug 1, 2012
    Is this cabinet recessed? Where can I find it?

    - Beautiful!

    therojoman wrote:Aug 18, 2012
    By chance do you know the name of the distributor / importer of the tile used on the shower and floor?

    - I,m in California and I cannot locate the tile :( Exceptional bath BTW ... thank you for posting this!

    • firefightra
      We just bought this tile from Deco Tile in Toronto. The owner told us that he ships anywhere in the world. You can go to decotile.ca and give the owner a shout if you're still looking for the tile.
    • dynodeb

      @therojoman, did you end up buying the tiles? I am also in CA

    Donna Bunai wrote:Sep 4, 2012
    what is the size of the tub... and the dimensions of the wall in-closer

    Irma Marquez wrote:Sep 27, 2012
    Can I combine bamboo floor colors

      rao2000 wrote:Oct 1, 2012
      • PRO
        Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard
        Hi Rao2000 - this homeowner has has no problems with the glass enclosure and water coming out - and thanks to Joyce for the great input as well, great answer!
      • Flo To
        what kind of bathtub is that? i'm looking for one exactly like it.
      moonriver76 wrote:Oct 1, 2012
      what's the brand of the shower head and faucet?

      Innovative Product Sales International wrote:Oct 5, 2012
      Do you have any detail on the shower hook?

      - It appears to be the nie wieder bohren series perhaps?

      doloreslin wrote:Oct 19, 2012
      Where can I find this tub/shower faucet??

      jyw428 wrote:Oct 23, 2012
      is this rain shower head too close to the wall - should be extended further out?

        billandolga wrote:Nov 4, 2012
        ljb7007 wrote:Nov 5, 2012
        How far is the edge of the vanity from the edge of the toilet? Please and thank you!

        silverdrop wrote:Nov 10, 2012
        Is the same tile used for the wall and the floor?

        four2four wrote:Nov 14, 2012
        what are the dimensions of the tub/shower

        @designREMODEL Baths, Kitchens & More wrote:Nov 26, 2012
        Nice work! What is the tile used around the tub etc. Size and brand?

        • firefightra
          It's the DaVinci Seris Bianco Satinato, Colour - White. You can find it at Deco Tile in Toronto.
        • firefightra
          Size is 12"x24"
        doloreslin wrote:Nov 28, 2012
        Does anyone know where I can find hinges like the one on the frosted door?

        • leopardlady29
          can you tell me dimensions of Niche? Does the custom niche door open all the way (180 degrees) ? I ordered a small recessed medicine cabinet, and the hinges only open 110 degress. Thank you, hope you can help!!
        • PRO
          Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard
          The hinges should be available through your local hardware store - they are from manufacturer CR Laurence.
        lchernitski wrote:Dec 20, 2012
        Where can I find this tub/shower faucet??

        - Where can I find this tub/shower faucet?? What is a brand?

        judjohnston wrote:Dec 26, 2012
        What tub is this?

        coash wrote:Jan 31, 2013
        I love the counter and sink. What is the material used?

        DP Weaver Builders wrote:Feb 1, 2013
        How do I put my photos on houzz?

        - how do I put my Photos on Houzz?

          diane509 wrote:Feb 7, 2013
          • slinger99
            I have used this type of half glass tub/shower in Europe. If you want to run the water to make sure it is nice and warm before you get in, it will be hard to reach in with the glass there to turn on the water. The water does splash out unless you point the shower head close to the end with the faucet and toward the long wall. Totally impractical is what I would call it. You can get it with a hinged glass but most installations I see are fixed glass which would be more secure.

            On the other hand, if you want a walk-in shower without tub, I've seen an "L" shaped glass used effectively. The short arm of the L keeps the water from splashing out. The look is simple and clean, no door or curtain.
          • jane2
            I want to do this in my FL condo. I am afraid the tub is lower than the toilet (not sure as I'm not in FL at the moment) so I wouldn't be able to use a swing door. We have to bath grandkids in this tub so knobs have to be accessible easily. Anyone used the fixed panel on a tub where you bath kids?
          Patricia Kearson wrote:Feb 13, 2013
          ahmill wrote:Feb 15, 2013
          Where can I obtain the narrow cabinet unit on the right side wall? What are the rough dimensions?

          scarlettsmiles wrote:Feb 16, 2013
          Where can I purchase the tub?

          • kgilliss142
            can be purchased at www.homeclick.com. I got mine(66x32) for about $700 with shipping.
          • Carolyn

            omg these people are making me crazy!

          lynndevleming wrote:Feb 16, 2013
          Love the half glass door. Does it keep the water in the tub, or do you get over spray?

          nfergo wrote:Feb 24, 2013
          Do you know the dimensions of this bathroom?

          • Alex Mac
            Its an awesome deign for low space....:)
          • Catherine Creamer
            I love this bathroom. How high is the shampoo cubby off the floor of the tub and what are its dimensions? Looks maybe 12"hight and 30 wide? why did you locate it between courses of tile rather than at the edge of a tile? My tub and cubby will be exactly like this.
          finkelkm wrote:Mar 9, 2013
          • victoriousbutterfly
            I am renovating a small master bathroom that backs to another bathroom. We don’t want to combine the bathrooms into one w the hallway bath.

            I am looking for a deep soaking tub. What model tub is this? Also looking at Japanese soaking tubs, but the bathroom is small 4 feet 6” by 8 feet by 5”. The part that has the vanity and toilet is 5 feet 4 “. Then the wall continues on for 3 feet for the stand in shower w no tub. The shower stall is 3 feet by 3 feet 10” ( plumbing is 8” so 3’10” left for area to shower in so this subtracted out.

            And yes my husband is using the shower as a closet! Thanks.
          • PRO
            DECO-TILE INC.

            victoriousbutterfly, its best you visit our showroom with diagram of bathroom. the tile in the photo has been discontinued by the manufacturer and no longer available. we have similar type in stock that will give the same end result in design.

          Stewart Colley wrote:Mar 9, 2013
          Why would you post a photo of such a nice bathroom but refuse to answer any Houzz questions about it?

          • PRO
            DECO-TILE INC.

            Dear michula27 this picture has been on Houzz for over 5 years as was completed by the Toronto Interior Design Group. Click on more information tab for their contact details.

          • leahlipton

            how is the niche/cabinet with the green glass door made inside? Tile? Sheet rock?

          pmr1951 wrote:Mar 19, 2013
          Please can you tell us the room dimensions? Thank you!

          • PRO
            Ronbow Corporation

            The vanity looks like our Bella in Dark Cherry with an Evin ceramic sinktop.

          • kayleenwalsh

            Where did you get the bathtub?

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