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Inspiration for a contemporary pebble tile floor double shower remodel in DC Metro
NF interiors
NF interiors
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Bathroom basementContemporary Bathroom, DC Metro

spa/bathroom in basement

Inspiration for a contemporary pebble tile floor double shower remodel in DC Metro —  Houzz

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Questions About This Photo (57)

Jessica Hodge wrote:Aug 23, 2013
what are the dimensions of the shower?

  • mrredovan
    Where can I find the wall in floor tiles?
  • PRO
    Pebble Tile Shop
    This is a beautiful space. I love the use of tan pebble tile on the shower floor. Gorgeous.
karriperry wrote:Sep 18, 2013
  • PRO
    NF interiors
    it's a custom blend. sorry
amlorenz wrote:Sep 25, 2013
  • PRO
    NF interiors
    Stone source
  • joeshmoe2013
    I'm curious about the floor. How do you get the curbless look in a basement bathroom? Did you raise the floor and then tile?
jennbeevers wrote:Sep 25, 2013
joeshmoe2013 wrote:Sep 30, 2013
  • cdpearman
    We are getting a curbless shower. Our contractor is recessing it into the floor joists (needed to have it engineered into the floor for strength). Works well with at least a 4' length shower. No doors necessary, but face shower towards back wall or use rainshower head. Tile slight slope towards drain. We are tiling using a kerdi system to ensure no leaks.
  • strifiletti
    Are using a pan? Are pans are load bearing and very structural. www.trendingaccessibility.com ck out our install on our joist
paulsharon wrote:Sep 30, 2013
    rathna12 wrote:Oct 26, 2013
    send me a foundation diagram of this bath room

    - send me a foundation diagram of this bath room

      alan921 wrote:Nov 1, 2013
      Opening up a wall in a small kitchen and putting a counter with stools

      - Looking for images

        nancyhammel wrote:Nov 10, 2013
          Island Stone wrote:Dec 11, 2013
          Do you have any information on the brand of floor tile used?

          • PRO
            NF interiors
            they are pebble tiles from Porcelanosa.. the black/grey ones...
          genodm wrote:Dec 19, 2013
          • PRO
            NF interiors
            just grout
          • ilndtym

            When you transition from the tile to the pebbles, you do not have a lip to contain the water from the shower. How do you get the drainage to run right when you cant raise the floor?

          minmalist wrote:Dec 19, 2013
          Where is the woven basket on the floor from?

          • PRO
            NF interiors
            I believe I picked it up in Target :-)
          • minmalist
            Great. thanks. love target! :'h
          kevin1962 wrote:Jan 1, 2014
          • tirvia
            What is the color and size of the light tile in shower?
          • clearleenow
            Looking to remodel a SMALL Master bathroom and thinking about taking out tub and just having a walk in shower similar to this....will that hurt the resale not to have a tub/shower combo?
          retee83 wrote:Jan 2, 2014
            sjsj77 wrote:Jan 14, 2014
            • swatikartik
              Are the tiles lining the shower the same as the floor tiles in the main bathroom area? Porcelain I assume?
            • PRO
              NF interiors
              yes, same tiles. they are slate.
            pgjmrbcu wrote:Jan 23, 2014
              Mehrnaz Arnall wrote:Jan 28, 2014
              can you tell me about the vanity and also the accent back splash?

              - Back splash and vanity???

                jaimeegoodman wrote:Feb 25, 2014
                tirvia wrote:Feb 27, 2014
                love this what is the color and size of the light tiles in shower?

                  katarzyna100 wrote:Mar 3, 2014
                  • PRO
                    NF interiors
                    at least at 7' but the higher the better for rain showers...
                  • Rob Silver
                    Where did you get the tiles? What is the color or name of them?

                    just now
                  designer4home wrote:Mar 12, 2014
                    Kenzie Ford wrote:Mar 18, 2014
                    Shower heads ?

                    - Manufacture

                    karenbrunedds wrote:Mar 31, 2014
                    I like the simple towel hooks which look easy to use!

                    - What is the brand?

                    • Rob Silver
                      Where did you get the tiles? What is the color or name of them?
                    • dixieanndalton
                      What are the tiles made of? Size?
                    sathork wrote:Mar 31, 2014
                      Mary Hillerud wrote:Apr 11, 2014
                        adam_kate wrote:Apr 11, 2014
                        • adam_kate
                          The dimensions are 53" by 58" deep and 8' tall.
                        • PRO
                          Veronica Williams-Garcia
                          I have question how did you design the bathroom basement because my house only have door walk in then toilet and wall closer to shower look old floor tile is white and i don't like my bathroom. I am foward look for new one depend i like asia or buddha lot of design for bathroom. I hope i can find new sink and mirror and light for my bathroom and still look on the internet to found out.
                        kmarki wrote:May 14, 2014
                        Who is the maker of the shower head combo?

                        • turnerd

                          Did you ever get an answer to this question about where to get the shower head combo?

                        cdsmpb123 wrote:May 16, 2014
                          Joanne wrote:Jun 8, 2014
                          Simple & elegant.. Does the shower slope to back wall? Water mgmt?

                          • Kivi
                            Showers are always sloped to the drain...there would be no reason to slope it to the back wall unless that was where you decided to locate the drain.
                          • jtman9200
                            Was the newer styled drain used that lines the back wall? I really like the way that they look. Sometimes it takes me a second to find the drains when they aren't in the middle of the floor. http://www.ridgeglass.com/Shower-Enclosures-Lake-Wales-FL.html
                          madam9 wrote:Jul 20, 2014
                          • PRO
                            NF interiors
                            they are 10" deep. the space behind is the toilet (there's a door to the right of the shelves not shown on this picture)
                          • sinabon

                            What are the dimensions of the shower?

                          marustark wrote:Jul 29, 2014
                          What's the paint color on the walls ?

                          • 6842lwm
                            what size is this shower
                          • janheiderer
                            what size are the tiles, please?
                          ireland30 wrote:Aug 12, 2014
                          where is the basket on the floor from?

                          • PRO
                            The Basket Lady

                            Hi ireland30,

                            The Basket Lady has a variety of laundry hampers and baskets to store your linens. Visit basketlady.com to shop by size or function!

                            Bathroom/Linen Closet · More Info

                          • pamelarcarter

                            What about the slump?

                          Trixie Elliott wrote:Aug 27, 2014
                          • PRO
                            NF interiors
                            it was a dark gray charcoal color
                          Amber Berthelot wrote:Sep 2, 2014
                          Does the floor hurt your feet while you stand and shower?? It's like l

                          • Andrea Story
                            We installed a similar pebble tile in our bathroom, but went with a flat stone option...for those worried about it hurting their feet.
                          • PRO
                            NF interiors
                            not at all...
                          dalzielcole wrote:Oct 26, 2014
                            romaku wrote:Dec 15, 2014
                            • Sue Reininger
                              I've found that plain vinegar with the higher acidic content 7% works very well.
                            jessasweets wrote:Mar 15, 2015
                              Christy Dodd wrote:Apr 27, 2015
                                amirhossein17 wrote:Jul 14, 2015
                                  jenmacd76 wrote:Aug 23, 2015
                                  • PRO
                                    Drumm Design Remodel
                                    Just looking at the picture it looks to be a 5x5' shower with a 2' wide storage shelf. Tiles on the floor look to be 2' square.
                                  Bill Graham wrote:Sep 2, 2015
                                  • PRO
                                  • Thien Nguyen

                                    I wonder if the flooring in front of the shower is soils or cement?

                                  siddiquie_shaukat wrote:Sep 10, 2015
                                  where i place camot & washbase in the picture.

                                    filamarice2 wrote:Sep 13, 2015
                                      Angie Ortega wrote:Oct 27, 2015
                                      What's the color of the floor and wall tile?

                                      • Victoria Crispo

                                        I am in love with the tile on the shower walls- where might I find it and does it come in other sizes?

                                      • PRO
                                        DIY Decor Store

                                        We have this new product available that has an interlocking tiles and comes in dark colors like these! It is called Dumawall and is made of a PVC! Its is super easy to install as well!!!

                                      lisaannhay1 wrote:Nov 1, 2015
                                      Can I see pics of rustic living room or great rooms

                                        ststewillis wrote:Dec 11, 2015
                                          bonnieclark14 wrote:Jan 4, 2016
                                          • PRO
                                            Mega Builders

                                            It is not so much a question of the drain system. Rather one of waterproofing and sloping to assure drainage.

                                            The drain can be a regular shower drain or a linear drain.

                                            When designing or building a barrier free shower, we recommend waterproofing the entire floor of the bathroom (hot mop is great).

                                            When floating for tile, the tile setters need to pay close attention to sloping the floor so that flow lines are positive and all direct water to the drain(s).

                                          • William Ramsey

                                            on remodels the entire floor is either elevated a bit, or if possible the shower area is recessed if allowed.

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