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Armoires and Wardrobes

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For bedrooms that lack a spacious walk-in closets, an armoire or wardrobe can be a blessing. Armoires are designed to store and organize a variety of clothing. They can also be repurposed for use in home offices, as TV cabinets and other storage solutions. Whatever you choose to store inside, once the doors of your wardrobe are closed you can move your focus from this miniature closet to rest and relaxation.

Original armoire furniture was designed to house your clothing. This type of bedroom armoire comes in a few shapes and sizes. A closet armoire features top-to-bottom doors that open to reveal space for full-length dresses and long coats to be hung up on hangers, while other styles have shorter doors and a bottom featuring drawers for folded garments and accessories that don’t need to be hung up. If your wardrobe closet armoire will be storing your clothing, you may also enjoy the addition of a built-in mirror.

Aside from dedicated clothing armoires, there are other styles of wardrobes that can house things such as your television. They may allow the TV to be pulled out and rotated so it’s angled perfectly for viewing. Drawers and cabinets may also reveal ample storage space for anything from DVDs to power cables and books. Similarly, a computer armoire allows your monitor to be mounted inside the doors and pulled out and angled. Accompanying drawers can store office supplies, a printer and paper files.