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Christmas ornaments are a beautiful way to add an extra dimension of festivity to your tree. With the right set of decorations, you can create a custom Christmas theme that follows a specific color scheme or features holiday characters like snowman, snowflakes, Santas and more. If you’re shopping for a new set of Christmas ornaments, it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the sheer number of styles available. With a few tips, you can narrow down your search and trim your tree with ease:

What types of Christmas tree decorations are best?

The best ornament comes down to your personal preference and needs. You can find ornaments in a variety of materials, colors and styles, so it’s best to choose a holiday theme, including colors, before you go shopping. If you have small children or pets, it may be wise to skip the more fragile glass ornaments and choose durable plastic, fabric or wooden ornaments instead.

Many people enjoy decorating their tree with personalized Christmas ornaments, which can come inscribed with names and dates, or in the shape of an our first Christmas ornament or baby’s first Christmas ornament. Photo ornaments are also a popular way to keep friends and family close during the holidays. Their smiling faces will add a nostalgic and heartwarming touch to your holiday décor.

What kind of Christmas tree toppers are available?

Tree toppers are designed to be delicately poised at the very tip-top, and they come in a variety of styles. A classic choice is a star tree topper. If you’re looking for something a little different, try a Santa or snowman tree topper. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s fastened securely to the top-most branch, and be mindful of safety precautions when climbing on a ladder to reach the top.

How should I store my Christmas ornaments and tree topper?

Even if you like to keep your decorations up for a week or two after the holidays are over, you’ll eventually want to safely tuck them away for next year. Proper Christmas ornament storage is important to keep your baubles from breaking, getting dirty or becoming bent or smashed. Here are a few ways you can ensure your ornament collection will be in perfect shape for many seasons to come:
• Round ornaments: It’s best to store these delightful, glimmering orbs in a sturdy box that’s divided into compartments. It’s recommended that you wrap each ornament in tissue paper (you can use the leftover bits collected from your gift opening spree) and place each one in its own compartment. If your ornament doesn’t fully fill the slot, pad the extra area with bubble wrap or additional tissue paper. Another great idea is to mark the outside of the box with what’s inside so you can easily grab the right decorations next year.
• Flat tree decorations: If your ornament is flat, wrap it in some tissue paper and fasten it with a piece of tape. These can be stored in a shoebox or other small bin. Again, be sure to label the outside!
• Odd-shaped baubles: Most of us have an odd-shaped ornament or two, and these are best stored in cozy layers of tissue paper and bubble wrap. Depending on the size and shape of your ornament after it’s protective wrapping has been applied, you might be able to store it with your round baubles or in the same box as your flat decorations.