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Today’s indoor planter design has become extremely creative, allowing for green thumbs of all shades to incorporate plants in the home. When shopping for indoor planters and pots, choose one that not only fits with your decor, but work with plants that require maintenance levels compatible with your lifestyle. With so many decorative planters available, you can easily get away with growing even the simplest plant varieties, while still impressing your friends and family! Take your pick of colors, shapes and materials: ceramic, metal, plastic, cement, you name it, there’s an indoor flower pot made of it. With a little help from the information below, it’s easy to pick a succulent planter, herb pot or hanging planter that’s functional and stylish for every room in your home.

What do I need to know about indoor planters?

Picking an indoor planter isn’t that different from picking an outdoor one; the main difference lies in the focus of functionality. While an indoor planter doesn’t need to wear as well as one meant for outdoor use, good drainage is still absolutely vital. Make sure the flower pots you purchase do have some sort of drainage system, otherwise your plants may suffocate and rot from too much moisture. One method that seems to work well for indoor pots without drainage holes, is to line the bottom with rocks before putting in any soil. The rocks will act as an internal drip tray so the roots don’t get over saturated from excess water. It’s easy to over-water using this method, so water sparingly. In general, be on the lookout for designs that have a drip tray or some method to allow excess water to escape without ruining the surface they sit on. There’s nothing worse than discovering your indoor plant pots have been leaking and ruining floors and tables, (except maybe hanging planters that don’t hold water quite right — a little over-watering can turn into a huge, splattered mess).

What about wall-mounted or hanging planters?

Indoor wall planters and hanging pots are both great ways to incorporate plant life into your home without having to take up any table or space. Again, check for drainage with these. Many versions will have a catch tray or other mechanism built in to capture the overflow of water, but not always. Also, pay attention to how hanging and wall planters need to be mounted, and follow instructions closely. Plants do get bigger and heavier as they grow, and a freshly watered container will weigh significantly more than a dry one. Consider the placement carefully as well, since these styles aren’t easy to rotate or change locations like standard indoor flower pots. Some varieties of plants will need more sunlight than others, and if you pick the wrong spot from the get-go, the plant might be doomed. For a lower maintenance alternative, you can go for the sleek, modern look of the hugely popular terrariums. They practically take care of themselves, and are available in a variety of styles, including tabletop, wall mounted and hanging designs.