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Plants, Pots and Indoor Fountains

Live 6' Ficus Lyrata Package, Black
Live 6' Ficus Lyrata Package, Blackby Scape Supply$375(1)
The Ficus Lyrata has been making a splash with many designers within the past five years and is now seen in many high end architectural and design magazines around the world. This exposure has cast a light on this tree as must have interior landscape design element to add life and elegance to any home. This live 6 foot member of the ficus family is a beautiful style tree that brings a sense of roundness with its fiddle shaped leaves. The minimal base and bushy head make this an ideal candidate for an entry way or light filled corner of a large room. The shape of the leaves help to counter any interior design elements that may need a smoother look. The size of this tree brings the feeling of the outdoors inside and truly adds to any indoor environment. This package includes a 16" high quality plastic commercial planter in Black, White, Bronze, Chrome, or Gold with removable deep dish saucer. This Ficus Lyrata is approximately 6-7 foot tall and holds a space like a tree. We prepare it for deliver directly into your home, by cleaning every leaf and finishing the plant off with a moss for placement. To maintain the Lyrata, it will require a light dusting and anywhere from 1/2 liter to 1 liter of water per week depending on lighting. The Ficus Lyrata likes it a little on the dryer side even though it loves high light spaces and has a larger leaf surface area. With a weekly schedule and making sure to not over water, this plant will be a fixture in your home for years to come. -Live Plants are fragile and should be handled with care during unpacking. Please read all shipping materials before plant removal. -Minor leaf loss and discoloration is to be expected with some of our plant varieties. -Our plants are growing and will continue to replenish leaves and branches with proper maintenance for years to come. -Plants may lose leaves in the first few weeks after arrival, while a proper watering schedule is reached. -Plants are unique and will always have minor differences among the same varieties. -Plants are alive and will increase in size over time.Read More
Can’t get enough of the outdoors? Get your daily dose of nature by adding plants, terrariums and indoor fountains to your home decor. Placing a few succulents in your windowsill will brighten any room, and the strategic positioning of a fountain will let you listen to the gentle splashing of running water. Because fountains and plants come in all shapes and sizes, you can bring the outside in no matter what size your house is!

What size plant works for my space?

Before purchasing your new plant, it is important to realistically consider your space. Even if you have the best intentions, an oversize floor plant does not suit a crowded apartment or condo! Desktop plants are a great alternative, because they add much-needed cheer without taking up too much space. If you have room to spare and prefer something that makes more of an impact, floor plants with colorful pots can bring life to a dull dining room or living room corner — as long as you have enough space for them to continue to grow (and, as with any plant, remember to water them).

Should I buy a fountain?

For those who don’t like the responsibility that comes with a plant, fountains are a great alternative; you can still get the outdoor feel without any additional chores. Even though they are often more regal and dramatic in appearance, oversize indoor fountains require a lot of space and an electrical hookup, which might make placement problematic. If space isn’t an issue, then go for it, but if you lack the room, you can always buy a desktop fountain, which is cheaper and usually runs on batteries. Either way, fountains are great for when you want to sit back, relax and enjoy the peaceful sound of running water.

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