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Loft Beds

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In some locations space is at a premium. While a small home bustling with the activity of energetic toddlers or outgoing teenagers is a blessing, finding space for all their needed items and accessories can be a headache. One way you can double up on space in a child’s or teen’s bedroom is with loft beds. Similar to bunk beds but lacking the bottom bunk, a loft bed usually features a built-in desk or storage in the open space beneath. This is the perfect solution for adding a homework station or clothes dresser to a bedroom already filled to the brim with a bed, toys, clothes and band posters.

While your young child may be perfectly content with a twin loft bed, your teen or young adult headed off to college will more than likely appreciate a full-size loft bed. If there’s space, you might even be able to max out with a queen-size loft bed. Whatever size you decide on, you’ll find plenty of loft beds for every age right here on Houzz.