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Mugs play an important role in our lives: They allow us to imbibe our much-needed jolt of caffeine on a daily basis. Whether you’re a coffee or tea drinker, a large selection of coffee mugs and at least a travel mug or two are needed. Luckily they often come in matched sets, but if you’re also a collector of eccentric or cool coffee mugs, you can also buy them individually.

What material should I look for in my coffee cup?

Nothing makes you wrinkle your nose in disgust more than taking a sip of your freshly poured cuppa only to find there’s a lingering taste of something else. Aromas and flavors can become trapped in certain mug materials, so it’s best to pour your brew into a glass, porcelain or ceramic mug.

How many coffee mugs should I buy?

A traditional set often includes four pieces, but most homeowners tend to buy eight to ensure there are enough mugs for frequent use or large groups of guests. If you have a larger family with members who also enjoy a cup of joe or freshly brewed tea, you might want to consider more. Ideally, you’ll have enough to hold you over for three or more days at a time. Don’t forget to invest in a good travel mug, too!