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Outdoor Love Seats

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If your outdoor relaxation area is just a bit tight on space — or if you like to give guests the option of snuggling up together — a garden love seat is an excellent choice. These small and cozy seats range from 50 to 80 inches wide, perfect for comfortably sitting two adults.

As with any outdoor furniture, you’ll want your garden love seat to feature weather-resistant materials. Don’t let this limit you on design, colors and textures. You can find traditional to contemporary styles in wood, wicker, rattan and even metal. Colors range from muted neutrals to bright, sunny pops or deep, rich hues. Depending on whether you want your garden love seat to blend with the scenery or stand out, you can pair bright colors with a bold pattern or graceful neutrals in solid tones or simple patterns.

You’ll find dozens of garden love seat styles here on Houzz, so pick one out and snuggle up with a buddy as you enjoy the great outdoors together.