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Amish furniture quality (vs. major brands)?

16 years ago

We were about to order a kitchen table and chairs from Rose (where we have made all our previous major furniture purchases), but now are reevaluating thanks to their bankruptcy. We're now considering some Amish furniture that is sold through a store here in Texas. It seems well-made to a non-expert like me, and we can customize a lot of parts of it (though the overall styles are a bit more limited).

Obviously, there's a lot of variation in Amish furniture construction, but I'm wondering how people, in general, have found Amish-made furniture to compare to major brands. Specifically, we've previously considered both Canadel and Saloom (with Saloom seeming to be slightly higher quality). Are there particular things I could look for on the Amish furniture to determine how well-constructed it's likely to be, or how I could compare it with the major brands? Thanks for any advice.

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