Should door knobs match throughout the house?

9 years ago

We want to replace the old cheap door knobs (currently brass color) throughout our house, however we have different metals and looks in different rooms.

Should door hardware match the other metals in the room or be the same throughout the house regardless of the rooms other metals and look?

For example we have oil rubbed bronze in the master bedroom and chrome in the master bath. Should we use a split finish?

What about different finishes in different rooms. I assume you would want to do a split finish or all the same. Wouldn't want different color door knobs in the same hallway! Thanks!

Here is what we have:

Main entry: Oil rubbed bronze

Kitchen: Satin Nickle

Downstairs Bath: Oil rubbed bronze

Back entry: Satin Nickle

Master Bedroom: Oil rubbed bronze

Master Bath:Chrome

Guest Bedroom 1(office): Satin Nickle

Guest Bedroom 2: Oil rubbed bronze

Guest Bedroom 2: Satin Nickle

Hall Bath: Satin Nickle

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