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Told we had a slate roof--turns out...

16 years ago's asbestos. We bought our lovely, grand 1910 home less than a year ago and was told (also on the listing sheet) that the roof was slate. Were told that the roof was is great condition b/c the owners replace the loose slate that had fallen due to snow and ice, each winter. In fact, even saw the roofing guy there to replace slate while we were in negotiations to purchase.

Today a slate roofer came to our home to give us a quote on some work and he presented us with the bad, bad news. There is absolutley no slate on our house, simply asbestos shingles made to look like slate. In fact, they are so old that the asbesdos fibers are showing.

Has anyone has a problem like this? I'm at a real loss. I want to blame the Realtor and previous owners for providing false information (our roofer said that any roofer would be able to tell from sight alone that this was not slate) and we never would have paid what we did for this home knowing it was an asbestos roof.

Aside from the legal (?) issue, has anyone dealt with removal of asbestos roof shingles? Any feedback, including cost? And how about those rubber tiles that look like slate? Anyone use those? *sigh*

Many thanks...

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