Paint gallon not match sample paint or paint chip - what to do??

9 years ago

I am now totally confused. It took me ages to finally decide on Sherwin Williams Ivoire as the colour to paint my entire house.

Thing is, the Ivoire gallon that I took home to test out (prior to the contractors coming to paint the house) does not match either the sample paint (Color-To-Go) or the paint chip. The gallon paint has lost some of the apricot undertones, and I am worried it may go on too beige or with a green undertone but it is so hard to tell. The sample paint and paint chip are pretty much a perfect match - but the gallon paint is not matching them. If anything, I expected small sample quart to not match the paint chip so this has left me totally confused.

Not sure what to do next? At first I was uncertain of the warm apricot undertones in Ivoire and then I began to like them. I am paying contractors to paint my house, so it is not like I can begin and then stop and start again if I don't like the colour. What to do next?! I am rather frustrated!!

Has anyone had this kind of experience? Like I said, if anything I thought that the gallon paint would match the paint chip better than the small sample paint. I love other photos of Ivoire online but I now have no idea that the "real" Ivoire actually is!!

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