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Plantation shutters versus blinds

11 years ago
We're trying to decide on the best option for our initial window treatment. At issue is privacy but the desire to maintain light and an open feel is important, also a nice consistent look across the front of the house. We've had wooden blinds in the past but tire of the up down open close and trying to keep them level and at consistent height when up. I do like the option with plantation shutters of being able to open the top and keep the bottom closed for privacy. I just don't know how closed in I would feel. I am looking at the 3 1/2 inch single panel for a more contemporary feel. My back windows in the family room and breakfast kitchen area will probably remain open until I see the need for some sun protection when the trees lose their leaves. I will probably opt for a solar screen that will hide away in a valance when not needed. I would welcome pros and cons and your experience with both. I am already working with a supplier and would just like to hear from homeowners. Thanks for your comments.

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