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Does anyone know where I can find the David Austin rose "The Prince?"

Raoul. Texas, zone 8
November 23, 2018

I've been going crazy this past year trying to find it, but no one seems to carry it anymore. Found it on coolroses.com but after a week trying to purchase it I've started to think it's not gonna happen. Does anyone know of any other place that carries this rose? Please let me know. Thanks!

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  • Raoul. Texas, zone 8 thanked hummingalong2
  • john_ca

    Hi Raoul,

    I just sent budwood of 62 vintage David Austin Roses to Palatine Roses in August 2018; included in this shipment was cuttings of 'The Prince'. Here is a link describing this event::


    The owner of this nursery, Rene Schmitz, told me that the professional grafter from the UK was able to get 10 to 17 plants grafted each, for these 62 varieties. He will be keeping the first 3 grafted plants for each of these varieties in his 'Preservation Garden', to ensure that they will be saved for the immediate future. He does expect to lose some plants in his propagation fields to the cold temperatures of winter. He expects to have plants for sale for most if not all of these 62 varieties in the Fall of 2019.

    If you can't wait until that time, please email me at tomatobreeder@hotmail.com and perhaps we can arrange to trade cuttings or I could send you some for postage.


  • sharon2079

    I was just going to say that Cool Roses has it.... but I see that you said you had a hard time getting a hold of them..... but I know they have (had that rose).... they are probably just checking their inventory..... Just because a computer says it is in stock doesn't mean anything..... they check to make sure they have it and that it is a healthy STATE!

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  • Raoul. Texas, zone 8

    Hello John, I will definitely be getting in touch with you! Would love to get some cuttings if it's not too much trouble!

    Also, really appreciate the work you're doing to preserve older rose varieties. Very admirable!

  • debrak6

    Raoul, where are you in Texas? I have two of the Prince and would also be happy to share cuttings. I see John has already offered, but just in case we are close to each other....

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  • Raoul. Texas, zone 8

    Debrak6, I am in Dallas, TX.

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    Hi Raoul

    Check Linda’s Long Ago Roses to see if she has any in stock. Look for AUSVelvet, as Austin had trademarked his patent-expired names and those names can’t be used in commerce.


    I’ve always received healthy young plants from her.

    I saw The Prince at the Tyler Municpal Gardens recently, it does indeed look like royalty.

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  • debrak6

    I'm outside Austin...just thought maybe if we were close enough to meet up. Still, the offer of cuttings stands if you decide to go that way.

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  • Raoul. Texas, zone 8

    Ben, that's a gorgeous picture! I contacted Linda, and she said she has a small plant that might be available in spring, if it makes it through the winter. Thanks for pointing me in her direction, she has a wonderful selection of roses!

    Debrak, Thanks for the offer! I can always pay for shipping if it's not too much trouble. It might be nice to have a backup in case Linda's plant doesn't survive the winter. Let me know!

    Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has commented and left suggestions. I've discovered some great new nurseries thanks to you guys!

  • debrak6

    Just tell me what to do and when you want them..enabling is its own reward. :-)) I've read a bit about when to take cuttings and how to root them, but haven't tried it yet myself. Is now an okay time or is spring better? If spring is better, I will still be around :-) as I've been lurking here for years and years. Edited to add: Just reread an article by Bill Welch from A&M that says late fall is ideal and in our climate that's probably true. It's also got instructions and I'll go search here as I know there have been threads on the subject.

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  • Seeingreen

    I'd check with Pam at Angel Gardens in Florida. Not everything she has is listed.

  • Raoul. Texas, zone 8

    Debrak, you are awesome! Yes, I've read late fall is the best time also, plus I've got a greenhouse to keep them in! If you don't mind please email me at raram17@icloud.com. Thank you!!

    Seeingreen, Thanks for the comment. I will definitely be contacting her soon!

  • jc_7a_MiddleTN

    I'm looking for this one now, too.

    Is Munstead Wood the "replacement"?

    Pam said she can try to root it, but it's difficult to propagate.

    Waiting on Geoff/Debbie to respond and see if they have it- it is still listed as own root on their website.

  • john_ca

    I bought one plant of 'The Prince' and now have 4. I did not find it difficult to root. Hummingbird Roses will likely have own root bands of this rose in July, although she does not have it in her inventory at present.


    I sent cuttings of 'The Prince' and 61 other vintage Austin Roses, to Rene Schmitz in September 2018. He was able to produce 10 to 17 grafted (Rosa multiflora) for each of these 62 varieties. He will take the first 3 plants for each of the 62 varieties for his 'preservation garden' and will offer the remaining ones that survive the cold winter for sale at Palatine Roses in September 2019.



  • jc_7a_MiddleTN

    Thanks for sharing that info John.

    I’ll check with them both!

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