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Flooring for whole house other than wood or tile or LVP - pros - cons?

2 months ago

Will be redoing my small house. Have carpet now - don't want it again. Tile is too hard on my aching feet. Like wood ( but I'm a mess in the kitchen ) Currently have sheet vinyl in kitchen and bathroom - love it - durable and super easy to clean.

But what else is out there? I would love to hear from you brilliant folks!

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  • 2 months ago

    I highly recommend going laminate!

    • More realistic look/feel than LVP
    • Many now have "waterproof" warranties to keep up with the LVP (no floor is truly waterproof if moisture gets under it)
    • Much more scratch resistant than LVP
    • Budget friendly and many now come with pad attached
    • Won't sit in a landfill forever after it's lived it's life in the home, less off-gassing when manufacturing

    These are just a few reasons I have been pushing laminate over LVP as a flooring professional.

    Debbi Washburn thanked Cynthia
  • 2 months ago

    Another vote for laminate; waterproof laminate is even better! We have Mannington Revival wide plank. Love them.

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  • PRO
    2 months ago

    Just toured a remodeled swimming pool clubhouse for a commnity and it was LVT throughout and looked like a real wood floor

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  • 2 months ago

    It's really, really hard to beat an actual wood floor.

    If you think those floors in the post above look like real wood I just don't know what to say. No tree in the world makes wood that consistent, which is part of why it screams fake.

    Debbi Washburn thanked rwiegand
  • 2 months ago

    I was also going to suggest marmoleum

    Debbi Washburn thanked la_la Girl
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    2 months ago

    This is a great start. I will probably do wood in my bedrooms. The kitchen/living room and dining corner are all one open room ( it was a 1 room summer cottage ) - that is the floor I'm really trying to figure out.

    Thanks for the ideas! I will be looking into all of them.

  • 2 months ago


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  • PRO
    2 months ago
    last modified: 2 months ago

    Depending your foundation? A real wood floor, whether engineered or other is hard to beat.

    I think the "I'm a slob" in the kitchen issue is absurd, really. No matter what you spill or drop, and no matter what surface beneath the spill or drip? Common sense says you need to wipe it up!

    Good grief, a wood floor is warm, unifying, and so much nicer on your feet and back. Wood has existed in kitchen forever and was commonly found in bathrooms of old! Nothing is zero maintenance. Mop the floor, or sweep, or vacuum. It's all the same : )

    Debbi Washburn thanked JAN MOYER
  • PRO
    2 months ago

    I agree with Jan wood not one bit harder to deal with than any other . The only time I would not do wood is we have 3 huge dogs and no matter how careful I am with nail trimming they would have destroyed a wood floorso I have laminate and LVP.

    Debbi Washburn thanked Patricia Colwell Consulting
  • 2 months ago

    Look into Linoleum and cork, both green products. In my own home, I have wood floors in most areas, tile in both baths, and linoleum in my kitchen. My LR/DR/Kitchen is open plan, and my contractor made sure the flooring transitions were perfect, with no need for saddles, no gaps, completely level.

    I'm happy with my choices, and I wish you well with yours.

    Debbi Washburn thanked amystoller
  • PRO
    last month

    Thanks everybody! I do love a wood floor when I see them. I just never lived in a home that had them. I love rift cut white oak ( or any of the white oak cuts actually ) . I also love walnut and hickory.

    Guess I'll be getting a lot of samples when the time comes