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Kitchen remodel layout help?

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

This is a 1930s home, this area is the ground floor of a 2-story 1990s extension with accessible crawl space below.

We are extending the wall on LH side between dining room and kitchen to allow for more kitchen cabinetry or a different layout, and to get more of a definitive space between the kitchen and the dining room. It's too open plan currently.

One idea is U-shaped kitchen with an island. However due to the window off-centered with the room, the island could not be centered to the window. The window is a large feature window with the sink centered to it (see picture) with a nice view. We're concerned it would be odd to have an island not centered to the window.


The wall is being extended regardless, but can’t be moved or removed.

  • We do not want to modify the window or add windows.
  • All plumbing and electrics can be moved to anywhere in the room.
  • Would prefer to not to vent the hood through the front of the house, unless anyone can suggest a discreet way to do this.
  • Would love to have an appliance garage and include a 36" counter-depth fridge.

Pictures included showing current kitchen and floorplan with dimensions including extended dining room wall.

How would you layout this kitchen in an attractive and functional way?

This is a 2600sf 4-bedroom. 2.5 bath house in the PNW less than an hour away from Seattle. Blindly valued at 700-800k due to its size, large lot, location. In it’s current condition with the 90’s bathrooms and kitchen, compared to other recent sales in the area, it’s closer to 700. Based on the number of bedrooms and the size already allocated to the kitchen, it would ideally be comfortable for a family of at least 6.

Resale value and having a home that is easier to sell in the future is part of the goal. In this area, turn key is heavily preferred. We aren’t planning to live here forever, but aren’t sure exactly when we will sell. I would like the layout to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as more functional and enjoyable for us while we are here. I’ve been using this kitchen for 2 years and dislike it. Also, it’s open plan and part of a large living room, so is highly visible, and I like to host.

More details in comment!

(metal side door has been replaced with glass and wood to allow in more light)

Comment (1)

  • 2 months ago

    More information:

    I cook from scratch at least 5 days a week, with the intention of making leftovers for lunch and the 2 days I don’t cook. At least 3 of those dinners are elaborate. I use both the oven and the range top equally, as well as a microwave, toaster, coffee machine, indoor smoker, crock pot, and instant pot.

    There is currently no pantry storage that isn't upper cabinets, and one is awkwardly located over the peninsula corner. There is no where else in the house that works for pantry storage- the original “formal” dining area and original kitchen area (which is now a throughway to the extension and the basement, as you can see on the layout) are quite narrow.

    I dislike the two awkward/useless corners the peninsula creates and want to get the microwave off of the counter (but not over the oven!!).

    I think the glass cabinets are crowding the window. I’d love to give it more breathing room. I would like to have a place to hide the microwave and other less attractive appliances. The current fridge cutout no longer houses a standard size fridge, and is too small for a 36” counter depth fridge, which is a must for me.

    The cabinets are builder grade late 90’s oak doors with plywood interior. I’ve seen worse quality, but I’ve also seen much better. The countertop is hideous - I hate the wood edge, the faux marble laminate really shows how far digital printing has come since the 90’s, and I hate the knocked out corner. Very time stamped, but at least the cabinets have a classic shape that isn’t completely out of place in an old home.

    A U shaped kitchen with an island would remove one of the corners, but the island would be impossible to center to the window & sink unless everything on the exterior right wall was 9-10” deep (floor to ceiling pantry storage?? But then where does the oven go?) A U shaped kitchen with a dining table instead of an island?? Just a U shape? Keep the stupid peninsula and shell out extra countertops? It’s currently 58sf of countertop, and the shape makes using remnants impossible. If we were buying new cabinets, there is opportunity to change the layout.

    We have considered painting the current cabinets, removing the cabinets that flank the window, making the current fridge hole into a covered appliance garage/pantry area, moving a 36” counter depth fridge to the new wall on the left with floor to ceiling pantry cabinets surrounding (with doors that match the current ones), and adding a new countertop, but are worried it would be throwing good money after bad.

    Thanks for your time and interest!

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