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Are body jets in a shower worth installing?

Ange Clark
February 28, 2014
Remodelling our master bathroom and love the idea of body jets but have never used them. For an additional $500 I'm wondering if they are worth it? Any recommendations would be great!
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  • dclostboy
    I enjoy them in my steam shower, but honestly more for look than actual use in regular showers.
  • hayleydaniels
    It depends on whether you want to spend the additional $500.

    Here's a link to a cost to value worksheet for last year. Sadly, almost every upgrade doesn't add the value to the home that it costs to install.

  • dclostboy
    Really depends on where you live and value of home...interesting data, Hayley, it seems replacing a garage door always provides return on investment :)
  • newman1958
    The more water spouts you have the faster you will run out of hot water.
  • dclostboy
    This is the shower in my master bath...that's a lot of jets and a plumbing nightmare :)
  • PRO
    JudyG Designs
    I want lots of hot water and a hand-held shower head. Nothing else.
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  • hayleydaniels
    I agree with JudyG! I love our hand-held shower head.
  • Amy Stokes
    I would rather have a steam shower over jets any day of the week.
  • Denita
    dclostboy, statistics need to be taken with a grain of salt, especially when you talk about averages over large metro areas. It is nice to have the comparison chart so people don't go wild with some improvement that has a history of low returns on average. However, it isn't absolute.

    In your area I wouldn't be surprised if you had multiple offers the day it hits the market whenever you decide to sell just based on the bits and pieces you have shown here.
  • PRO
    Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP
    If you're into a killer massage and helping to eliminate cellulite, then uhmm... yes!
  • dclostboy
    Thanks Denita...I think a lot of people on houzz are immune or unaware of the differences across the nation (and more so recently, across the globe) in the cost and return of improvements in various localities.
  • Tomoko Chubachi
    i agree with Amy. I love steam shower over the multi jets.
  • PRO
    By Any Design Ltd.
    $500 seems like a lot for Body Jets.

    These ones like mine are about $40 bucks. From Hudson Reed.
  • PRO
    By Any Design Ltd.
    Having only had Body Jets for one week now I am so sold. I love them. To share way to much info with you they do a great job of rinsing off your back side (front side too for that matter).

    Who needs a bidet for a proper cleaning when you have body jets in your shower!

    I think this would be a handy option for people as they grow old.

    I got six of these bad boys going in my new master shower;

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  • PRO
    By Any Design Ltd.
    I wanted to try out different set ups and measure the pressure of each. So my body jets are hooked up "Red Neck Fashion"

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  • sarainitaly
    I think those kinds of things always seem cool in the beginning, but useless after a few months. (tub jets, shower jets, etc.)

    If you live in hard water area, it is more stuff to clean, and get clogged. Also, use lots of water.
  • PRO
    By Any Design Ltd.
    I worried about that as well. I ran all three thinking I would be out of water in seven minutes but it did not happen. What I like about the Hudson Reed body jet design is that it can be easily cleaned with out removing the entire body jet assembly.

    That was a great design idea.

    The trick with the body jets is to run them a second before you get under. I was having a shower with my wife the other night and I blasted her with a cold dosing.... Not a happy Mommy!!! lol
  • PRO
    FaucetList, Inc.
    There are a few things you have to keep in mind when it comes to adding body jets. Water pressure is your biggest enemy. If you don't have enough water pressure the body jets will not really add any value to the shower experience. Also, you have to make sure you have a large enough water heater to provide enough warm water to power everything for the whole time you are in the shower. A continuous hot water heater is really worth looking into to tackle that issue.

    Ultimately you need to make sure when you set up your shower system, you take these things into consideration. Read more on setting up a shower system http://faucetlist.com/blog/Shower-Systems.html - if you do it properly a shower system can really add a lot of benefit to you and a lot of value to your home.

    As noted above, shower jets etc. may seem gimmicky but what about a second shower head? A shower system is more than just body jets. You can have ceiling mount shower head, a wall mount showerhead, and a handheld shower. Definitely there are scenarios where you would really get a ton of use out of a full shower system http://faucetlist.com/Delta-Shower-Systems/
  • doctornancy
    I just stayed in a hotel with body jets. It was novel, but really seemed a bit silly. I think I'd spend my money on something else.
  • Carole

    my husband wants to do a rain shower, handheld, and 4 body sprays. the design we have come up with the shower is only 66 x 36. The door will be on the left hand side and then there will be 2 body sprays further along wall to the right underneath the rain shower. Any advice, is this too much. I don't want the rain shower to operate at the same time as handheld ( to limit excessive water use.) . Can a hand held be a good substitute for a wall shower for those days I don't want to wash my hair. Thanks for any advice.

  • PRO
    By Any Design Ltd.

    Yes it can. You are describing pretty much the exact shower I'm building now. Except we staked four body jest in a row. Two groups of two. You will see some pictures of work shortly when we flow test and pressure test the system.

    Are you looking to stay warm from the jets or get a massage? I did a lot of testing and loved the pressure from two jests best for my homes water pressure and hot water tank size.

    Careful how you plan the piping since this can affect the performance.

    You will want to be able to run the jets before entering the shower as well. Plan this well in the placement of the flow valves.

    Have you seen this idea book? It covers plumbing layout. And old story of mine from a couple years back.

  • PRO
    Gray & Walter, Ltd.

    It's a matter of personal preference. It is imperative to have good water pressure.

  • Geneviève

    If you have the money for them I say go for them ,look at it this way ,these are things that you don't purchase often and as the years go by our bodies will eventually need some sort of relief from aches and pains , so why not !

  • ninigret

    i didnt go down that road because i wanted a walk in doorless shower and so stuck with rain head and handheld. maybe i'm wrong and it could have worked but it wasnt high enough on my list to find out.

  • bichonbabe

    If you think you want them and can afford the $500 then I would go ahead and get them. It would cost a lot more than $500 to retrofit them as you would have to redo tile etc.

  • wannabath

    Listen to the 2 comments in regards to water pressure. Have someone come out and do a pressure test.

  • Carole

    Thanks John, I will have my husband check out that site, it will be helpful indeed as he is doing all the work himself. We have finally decided on a layout for overall room so down to the details . I did check about water pressure, and we have very good pressure so that won't be a problem, and I am worried about having enough hot water . I would like the jets to provide a massage. Have you ever use Rohl sprays? I believe they have a couple of settings. Thanks everyone for the feedback.

  • Jolene
    Depends if you want to spend $ and if you live in a drought area.
  • lbdel
    Had jets in previous house. Had to get a second water heater to be able to use effectively. Personally, not worth it. Would rather have a bench, high pressure main shower head and a hand held. Put your money into what really matters. Separate sinks save marriages.
  • dclostboy

    Depending on difficulty, think about placing controls in half wall. Then don't get all wet when turning on.

  • nomi007

    Anybody know what brand is that shower volume control in picture with three handels in one?

  • ellenkellen

    Question: Is it better to install body jet sprays to use while standing in shower or sitting on bench in shower? Need to know where to place jets now, as We're in process of remodeling shower.

  • Carole

    we are in the process of installing body sprays. We decided not to install a bench as other people I know claim to not use it as the tile can be cold to sit on. We are going to use a removable teak bench. We also decided on height of each spray according to where we wanted it to hit us. We also confirmed that we have very good water pressure. hope this helps.

  • ellenkellen

    Thanks for forewarning me about sitting on the tiled bench would be cold. That's not an issue, but I am concerned that the water jet would hit my back from too close a distance behind me. Does anyone have personal expertise or experience with this being a problem or not ? Thanks for your help.

  • PRO

    Could not live without an adjustable hand held shower, but wall jets, ...........not so much.

  • PRO
    Sharon Holmin Interiors

    Just a note on the seat; there are built-in teak benches available. Some flip up against the wall to give you more room in the shower when rinsing, etc. They're more convenient than dragging in a bench that gets wet and usually ends up staying inside the shower, anyway).

    On the jets: what they really do help with is situations where you have muscle pain, aches or knots. You only need 2 sets, and make sure, as others have said, that you've got plenty of water pressure.

  • ellenkellen

    Thanks, Sharon, for your note. Just asking if you typed "only need 2 sets", or did you mean to write : "only need 2 Jets".... I thought it was "jets", and by that, I was wondering if you meant to place them at 2 different heights so that your back is hit with 1 water jet at "waistline", and another near "shoulder" level. If sitting on the bench, then 1 jet may hit body at a different lower place, than if same jet is used while standing up, it will target a higher place on your back. Does this make sense to everyone reading this ? Try testing this theory, tape a cardboard fake jet about 10 inches above top of bench. See where it hits your body when sitting, and again check it when standing up in front of the bench.

  • PRO
    Sharon Holmin Interiors

    Hi Ellen,

    I meant two sets of 2 jets each installed on 2 walls. I think you need that for them to be worth installing at all, so they can relax spasms in your shoulders or low back without bending. They are a luxury, of course, and no one actually needs them. But if any family members have physical issues or are into sports, they can make life sweeter.

  • its4ascendi

    What is considered "good" pressure? Is the gpm a factor in this or just psi? Remodeling now. Thanks for the info.

  • Michael Carton

    Ditto on the hot water part. If you have a tankless system, make sure you can handle the flow requirements. I have two kohler spray tiles and an overhead rain shower. I also have a standard shower head in the wall. I have it plumbed so you cannot have all on at once. Either tiles and one shower head, or both shower heads. As a single guy who lives alone and has a nice tankless heater, hot water is not my issue. My issue was getting enough flow to keep up the pressure. I simply can't get the tiles to "spray" with any force with the shower heads on. More like a soft dribble. I also plumbed it all with 3/4in lines and 3/4in valves. I do have a well and have the pump set to 60psi. To get a "real" functional setup I think you need to make sure you have a tankless heater (preferably two in series) and an auxiliary water pump installed in the bathroom. If building home and it is your forever, I think it is worth it.

  • Howard Weiss

    im currently building a shower and i am trying to think about this same thing. should i do a system with body sprays or not i have a tankless system so i don't gotta worry about the hot water http://i.imgur.com/3OsLPnK.jpg is where i am at right now

  • PRO
    Home Interiors with Ease

    Never use them...love the rain shower and hand held sprayer...great for cleaning the actually shower! Looks great

  • PRO
    I love my 3 additional shower heads that are original to 1931. They are approx 18, 36, 54 inches high. My husband uses the rain shower head but after 24 years, I now prefer to use the lower spray heads to the upper one. I like being able to back right up to the jets and rinse my hair without having water streaming down my face. Surprisingly enough, our 40 gallon water heater will supply enough hot water for a generous length shower with both sets running.
  • Wilfred Weihe

    I was asking my self the same questing when renovating my walk in shower. And on recomedation of plummer I decided to add six of this beauties. I was lucky to find this site: http://walkinshowers.org/best-shower-body-sprays-reviews.html and choose the best body sprays I could get. I never regreted that decision.

  • PRO
    Downing Designs
    The real value in shower heads is immeasurable by any cost metric. Who cares about resale value when you get great enjoyment from the daily use of body sprays? They are great in my opinion. Very relaxing. For me, I measured myself and place the body sprays at your neck/shoulder, lower back, and buttocks.
    Make sure they can adjust for men/women.
    I purchased Graf, and they are powerful with adjustable flow. Worth every penny, every day.
  • PRO
    Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP

    won't be able to use them in CA as they make you install a diverter.

  • Derek Sutherland

    I just finished a remodeled shower I did myself. I have a rain shower head, a handheld shower head, a main shower head and 4 body shower heads. Although I love them all, I love the body shower heads the most. I put them on a 3/4 inch loop and the pressure is amazing. You can move them in all sorts of configurations from having all 4 focus on a single point or have practically your entire body covered at once. I've never felt so invigorating before after a shower. For $500 it's worth it but they have to be done right. If all that comes out is a light stream they're
    worthless. BTW I have a tankless water heater for unlimited hot water.

  • DSinding

    it all depends - some people enjoy it, some find that it tends to irritate their skin - you might also find that after a while you might not use it as often as you thought - hand held ones are far more practical

  • PRO
    FaucetList, Inc.

    Delta has some very cool new body sprays that pop-out of the wall when you turn them on. They can then be angled however you like. I think they look super cool and really help drench you with water. On cold morning and you get in the shower there are always areas that feel cold where the water isn't hitting you. Body sprays help solve that problem by making sure the warm water is really surrounding you. This effect can be even better if you install the body sprays on opposing walls of the shower. To you can read more about Delta's hydrachoice body sprays and watch a video to see how they work.

    Here's a cool photo of what they look like installed:

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