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I love limestone -- you can rock face it for a fraction of the cost of bluestone. It blends into almost every landscape -- I use it to cap steps and stucco walls -- looks fantastic.

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Monarch Stone International

is a wonderful stone material for flooring and dimensional requirements. There
are many domestic quarries/sources right here in the USA – and in addition to
the colors Falon mentions, beautiful neutral colors in creams and beige. The
most popular with our clients, tends to be French limestone, due to the wider range
in colors, variety of non-slip finishes and most importantly, higher

speaking, Dolomitic limestone is the hardest limestone on the market
and dark colored limestone's are more durable. Light colors
tend to be softer and more porous however, you’ll always find exceptions.
Another gauge for hardness is if you can apply a thermal (flame) finish to the
surface, then it’s a durable limestone.

its use for exterior, consideration should be given to the type of limestone
used if exposed to water/fountains/moisture in general and whether or not it
will have an eroding effect over time, especially when using salt water pool

photo features exquisite Limeyrat French limestone, used for exterior paving.

French Limestone Paving, Limeyrat · More Info

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Betty Wasserman

Informative article on paving in limestone, thanks!

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