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DIY Edible Gardens

Thanks for featuring us. Great article! Here are some photos of our gardens. We use native ground covers and herbs between flagstone. Paving that connects areas and leads to entryways can conserve water and aid in soaking in runoff. You can use native meadow grasses to replace thirsty lawns. We use natives and herbs as part of a natural ecology that has adapted over
thousands of years to be suited specifically to California and its climate.

Rain gardens bring natives into the garden and use them to
give a settling point for
rainfall and water. Native
plants that attract beneficial
insects and humming birds
are used to create these
natural oasis. Rain garden
plants thrive in seasonal
weather conditions and
work together to create a
lush ecosystem.

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Judy Higelin
great article. one of my pet peeves is folks who move from wet parts of the country tu o the desert and then plant grass and plants nati e to their home state. please respect and enjoy mother nature's natural environment or don't move
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Let’s see more emphasis on principle from Houzz on exteriors beautifully designed for native/pollinator/organic/low light so we can push change. As we see more good options, our expectations and appreciation changes. Same with building practices and materials. Dwell is doing it.

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