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Oscar Lasso

Excellent👏🏼👏🏼. I love my orchids and now I am educated about how to care for them better.

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Craig Merrow

Couldn't resist adding this to the list of comments: Nero Wolfe is an old radio detective program, and one of his passions is orchids. You can find many Nero Wolfe episodes online - fun stuff to listen to!

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Cassandra Kettenhofen

After my sister moved in with me, all of my orchids perished. Except for three of them and now they are being nursed back to health. The one thing, that I’ve always been lost on, and the same is said for houseplants. I like to scatter my plants around the house and the amount of natural light, is an issue. So, are there grow lamps that could be put in a table lamp, like you would with a standard lightbulb? Clumping all of my plants, just does not work for me. So if anyone has some information that would be useful? Please let me know! I appreciate it, greatly!



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