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It happens every time. You walk into a room and your eyes are instantly drawn to delicately perched flowers boldly clad in a trifecta of colors. Adding these statement-making blossoms to your home décor is effortless, at least if you have the time to properly care for them and as long as they’re in season. Of course, wilting buds don’t have quite the same effect, but you can ensure you’ll have vibrant, enjoyable color year-round with an arrangement of artificial flowers.

While you may cringe imagining the charming yet obviously fake silk flowers from decades gone by, fake flowers have undergone an immense facelift. Silk flower arrangements look more and more realistic every day, and if you’re looking for an arrangement that would startle many a budding horticulturist with it’s intense realism, latex flowers are the way to go.

While you can design silk flower arrangements on your own with the proper tools and know-how, many already come pre-arranged. Fake flower arrangements featuring silk roses, silk peonies or other silk blooms are easy to find, and if you prefer a striking standalone piece, artificial orchids are also hugely popular. Some arrangements even transcend the traditional vase and come as artificial hanging baskets, which can provide a strong dose of color to your front porch throughout even the longest fall and winter.

Create your own statement-making color palette for your home with fake flowers and artificial flower arrangements from Houzz.