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My mom took all her indoor plants outdoors in summer in northern Michigan, including a 75 yr old Christmas cactus as big as a card table. The tip is that she repotted most before she brought them back inside. The big one was quarantined in later years. She had a green thumb and everything thrived. I'm guessing she also hand washed every pot.
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This Hibiscus plant is about 15 years old and is now over 5 ft tall. My mom had it in her senior apartment for years and it was always blooming. Now my daughter has it on her sun porch and this is one of three recent blooms (in NE Ohio). She has a green thumb like her grandma and great- great grandma had. What a blessing that the our heavenly Father gifted us with such diverse vegetation including an endless variety of flowers.

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Do you have any suggestions for using an “attractive” led light to grow plants in a low light area? Like an interior bathroom? Something to plug into an existing power socket? Most grow lights seem kind of bulky. Thanks.

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