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Some of these are dark, but I still like them because they are so like the lake homes in N.C. owned by my Aunt and Uncle and their friends. They would all leave south Florida for the summer to get cool. Now the houses are owned by the children and grandchildren of the now deceased original owners. I have loved visiting there for more than 50 years since I was a young teen. The smell of cedar always takes me back to those days of youth. I had some of the best fun ever in my life in those houses.

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If rustic style uses natural colours, then that could vary a lot depending on where (and when) you are. Around here, nature is full of many vibrant greens in the spring and summer, with pops of bright colours. The colours described and shown seem more like nature in the mountains in the fall? I’m not a decorator, but I had always thought there were other types of “rustic”.

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Mandcsmamadee: too funny you said that! We live in the NC High Country and are still surrounded by (mostly) Floridians fleeing the heat in the summer!
Our house is not super rustic (no log cabin), and we definitely prefer a more modern, clean kind of rustic style.....the “old style” rustic can easily get very dark and heavy, and, IMO, too exaggerated: wood on every wall and ceiling, heavy, large log posts, and, my most dreaded, furniture that looks as though someone cut down a tree and glued/nailed some branches together....yikes! (I am also not a fan of the western rugged look...leather fringes, cow hide, skin lamp shades etc.) If I had to choose one of the pictures as an example, I would pick the first bedroom picture....bright, airy, but still somewhat rustic, cozy and inviting.


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