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Example of a mid-sized classic dark wood floor kitchen pantry design in Philadelphia with open cabinets and white cabinets

Custom Designed Pantry With Various Storage AreasTraditional Kitchen, Philadelphia

This custom designed pantry can store a variety of supplies and food items. These include glassware, tablecloths and napkins which are all easily accessible.

Example of a mid-sized classic dark wood floor kitchen pantry design in Philadelphia with open cabinets and white cabinets —  Houzz

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This photo has 45 questions

melannb wrote:Oct 25, 2012
What is the size of this lazy susan?

  • Melissa Hehir
    What companu makes this Lazy Susan?
  • Colleen Hannigan
    what is the dimension of the cabinet housing the lazy susan?
Jen Ziegler wrote:Dec 21, 2012
Any idea what closet system this is?

- Or where to find the lazy Susan?

  • 835burrow
    Try IKEA! I have an all wire lazy susan for base unit that I bought at IKEA for under $100 and absolutely love it. It was definitely a DIY project....but when I later did my custom kitchen....I kept the lazy susan and re-installed it because I love it so much! Really prefer the wire to solid shelving.
  • PRO
    The Closet Works, Inc.
    This system was manufactured by the Closet Works, Inc. in Montgomeryville, PA and you can buy any of their products D.I.Y.
gardenernj wrote:Dec 23, 2012
What are the dimensions of this lovely pantry?

bettypace wrote:Dec 27, 2012
I need to install a new stair rail in my front entry.

- I need to install a new stair rail in my front entry.

    claudianovak wrote:Jan 16, 2013
    is there another part

      nettesheim10 wrote:Mar 7, 2013
      Can i have some of that food?

      - Im hungry.

        itsallsoserens wrote:Mar 16, 2013
        • PRO
          The Closet Works, Inc.
          Sorry, we did that several years ago and have no records regarding the flooring. We are not in the flooring business and really know nothing about it, but if you take the photo to Lumber Liquidators perhaps they can be of assistance.
        • rbcola
        codytml wrote:Mar 20, 2013
        what size is the room this is in?

        Keri wrote:Apr 1, 2013
        • karinbotha
          Amazing space saving ideas
        • 3boysful
          The table cloths look to be hanging on the valet rods closet re-do companies put in.
        Johnny Okonski wrote:Apr 3, 2013
        • joyful_lady
          Wall #2 & #3 - this is perfect for those spaces. Walll # 2 is 5' long and wall #3 meets Wall #2 at a 90 degree angle. Wall # 3 is 6' but shortened considerably because part is taken up by wall # 2 and then Wall # 4 cabinets will have a depth of 2'.

          This looks like the right solution for Wall # 2 & # 3 in Butler Pantry.
        tamalap wrote:Apr 19, 2013
        where did you get the lazy susans for the corner shelf area

        tria9 wrote:May 5, 2013
        love table

          derjimmer wrote:May 6, 2013
          How deep are the shown shelves?

          - How deep are the shown shelves?

          snazem wrote:May 11, 2013
          Who can both afford this pantry and eats all that chef boyardee?

          - I would like to meet that person.

          • rshkseen
            I really like the corner with the circular shelves. Where can I get one of those?
          • roydk888
            Love the carousel corner shelves!
          monstersinc2000 wrote:Jun 6, 2013
          Do you do work outside of Pa?

          • qualitygirl
            Do you sell it in Ontario, Canada? If yes through what stores?
          • aliasusanne
            .. or can you sell / ship to Quebec Canada ?
          kaonye wrote:Jun 28, 2013
          Love the closet, is it joined together or in segment? Can it close

          - I like it just that I'm wondering how it carried into the house. Thanks

          • gannetremodel
            where can you buy the lazy suzzan that size from? any idea of cost
          • mariaantonietaruiz
            No hablo ingles, solo quiero expresar mi agradecimiento por compartir tan valiosas ideas para la casa, hermosas, esto es lo que nececitamos para tener orden en la casa. mil gracias.
          Lynn Miller wrote:Jul 4, 2013
          How high are shelves (ie, how many inches apart?)

          - Great use of space!

          • PRO
            Liquid Sands Glass Gallery
            These are adjustable but most pantry shelving is between 8 - 12 inches apart. The adjustment holes in the image are likely to be at 1 inch increments.
          • Loretta Green
            This pantry actually makes cry.....OH MY GOD..........A dream A dream...and yes, oh yes...dreams come true...........
          dbjjak wrote:Jul 14, 2013
          • aliasusanne
            for pocket door, usually you cannot put any weight on the wall inside the pocket door (my contractor explained) so may loose lot of storeage.. however he suggested we could put a false wall additionally, over the wall inside the pocket door, and then use that wall to put cabinets or shelves ...
          • busyfarmgirl
            Thank you Progressive Solutions - that was really helpful for me being the Trogladyte that I am!! :-)
          vancouvercohousing wrote:Jul 15, 2013
          Where are the appliances in this picture?

            adjoadede wrote:Jul 20, 2013
            Is that a. Pantry or a. Kichten

              anaheid wrote:Jul 25, 2013
              What are dimensions of this pantry:

                Evi Triantafyllidou wrote:Aug 1, 2013
                how much it cost? the closet works

                  benoitthibault wrote:Nov 10, 2013
                  How much for the whole thing?

                    esha101 wrote:Jan 6, 2014
                    gina1976 wrote:Jan 9, 2014
                    Christopher Schaljo wrote:Feb 15, 2014
                    Is the pull out stock pull outs or soemthing you all have?

                    - Metal wire baskets.

                      chuck1524 wrote:Feb 22, 2014
                      what are the dimensions of this pantry

                        manouli wrote:Feb 23, 2014
                        ghedradunn wrote:Mar 24, 2014
                        What is floor color and type of wood?

                          Mehiedine Draoui wrote:Mar 25, 2014
                          you can give me the area?

                          - you can give me the area?

                            elliottjudy wrote:Apr 24, 2014
                            Is that a lazy susan in the corner? Where can they be purchased?

                            • Pavelas Pro
                              so cool :)
                            • las7575
                            Sue Garver wrote:Jun 9, 2014
                            dutch colony kitchen cabinets

                            - what is the style

                              emnojoty wrote:Feb 24, 2015
                              How did this pantry cost the homeowner?

                              mayannie13 wrote:Mar 5, 2015
                              Can the size be adjusted to an exsiting space already in the kitchen

                              • PRO
                                The Closet Works, Inc.

                                All of our products are custom manufactured based on the measurements taken by our Designers during a consultation so they fit both the organizational needs and functional space available.

                              cutergirl wrote:Mar 5, 2015
                              • PRO
                                The Closet Works, Inc.

                                Thanks for your interest. We do not sell kits anymore but if you are in our service area or the service area of one of our dealers e will be happy to get you proposal. Please email me your contact info and location and I will get back to you. You can reach me at dcutler@closetworksinc.com



                              cjemm wrote:Aug 13, 2015
                              Dimensions of the sliding wire baskets ? Do you carry this item ? Thx

                              • PRO
                                The Closet Works, Inc.

                                Thank you for your interest in our products. The baskets are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 18"-30" wide, 12"-16" deep, 7"-18"h. We offer them in multiple finishes as well. The material for your organizational project is custom designed and produced to fit your space perfectly. If you are within our service area and would like to schedule a free consultation with a Designer, please contact our office at 215 675 6430 and I will find a time that is best for you.

                              • tonya b.

                                This is such a nice little pantry space. Keeps everything so neat and organized.

                              anafquintas wrote:Jan 31, 2016
                              • PRO
                                The Closet Works, Inc.

                                Good morning Ana,

                                The material we use is melamine covered osb (oriented strand board), if you are interested we do offer free in home consultations with our designers. They will come to your home to look at your space,
                                evaluate your needs and listen closely to your thoughts and ideas concerning
                                the project. They will then create a custom design and proposal for you, all at
                                no cost and with no obligation. If this is of interest to you, you can call us at 215-675-6430 at
                                your earliest convenience and we will work to arrange a convenient time for a design consultation. Thank you very much. We look forward to hearing from you.

                              • anafquintas

                                Thank you so you do much for you Kind answer. Unfortunately i livre in Angola (África). Kind regrada,


                              jjaitoron2 wrote:Apr 3, 2016
                                Carla White wrote:May 30, 2016
                                I would like to buy.

                                - I would like to by

                                  karen anderson wrote:Sep 1, 2016
                                  • PRO
                                    The Closet Works, Inc.

                                    Hello Karen,

                                    Thank you for your inquiry. We service Philadelphia, Montgomery, Bucks, Delaware, and Chester County in PA, Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, Ocean, Monmouth, Mercer, Middlesex, and Somerset County in NJ, New York, and Kings County NY. The pantry pictured here is 5'6" x 5"8", but we custom build everything to fit your space. If you are interested in having your pantry custom built, and installed by our company, we do offer the wire baskets in an assortment of sizes, and the lazy susan as well. We offer free, in home consultations with our designers. If you are within our service area you may call our office at 215-675-6430, and we would be happy to assist you with scheduling.

                                  millerljm wrote:Dec 21, 2016
                                  Do you know the dimensions of the space involved here?

                                    Grindl Woodworking wrote:Jan 8, 2017
                                      Lori Porter wrote:Feb 27, 2017
                                      • PRO
                                        The Closet Works, Inc.

                                        The roll out tablecloth hangers can be purchased as part of a pantry system that our company would design, and install. The company that we order from unfortunately only sells them wholesale.

                                      mbcapwell wrote:May 26, 2017
                                        kariryan1 wrote:Nov 15, 2017
                                        what is the diameter of the lazy Susan trays?

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