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San Juan Capistrano projectTransitional Bedroom, Orange County

Inspiration for a transitional carpeted bedroom remodel in Orange County with gray walls —  Houzz
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Questions About This Photo (108)
kaable3nupe wrote:Aug 24, 2012
simikaye wrote:Aug 22, 2012
  • cstmars

    they just ignore you?1

  • PRO
    Scott A. Melber Inc.
    Really ridiculous that you won't share the color. Everyone knows there is a color code that the designer can share. They want your money.
micnasty wrote:Mar 3, 2013
  • PRO
    Haven Designs, LLC
    We must know that paint colors...they are stunning! They are the perfect gray; there's no pink under tone!
  • linnweeks
    I see now that it's custom :( Thanks anyway but I don't live in CA
Lana wrote:Jan 20, 2013
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design

    It is Dunn Edwards Baby seal, but we have added white to make it lighter and black to make it darker.

  • typhani32

    Looks great! How did you avoid it getting the bluish look I sometimes see with this color?

tatichazaro wrote:Aug 24, 2012
rebekahsm wrote:Aug 5, 2013
  • julesncip

    Hello Rugs Done Right can you email me a price quote on the rug? julesncip@gmail.com very interested as well!


  • bernl2

    What are the paint colours on your walls. Beautiful!

Toni Musso wrote:Aug 20, 2013
  • apoorvpatodi
    what backboard is made up of
  • Moudu Tintin
    Hi, anyone figured out the name of the paint?
Stephen wrote:Jul 16, 2013
  • Ana Koza
    It's not bumps its just the same as the one on the picture. There are a lot of tutorials on you tube that you can watch. The size that I used for the headboard was 60" x 12" each row but you can make it thicker or thinner . I just wanted mine just like the one in the picture. For king bed I'm you can look up the measurement on line for the width of a king size bed
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    Give us a call and we can go over pricing. It really depends on the fabric, trim, and size! 949-360-9936. We are happy to help!
Natalie Martel wrote:Jun 19, 2013
  • Stephanie
    Great shade of grey
  • brendascott64
    I would like to know the color paint you used! Love it!
pan realtors wrote:May 29, 2013
  • jamesandmarley
    I too would love to know color and brand of paint, unless you would come paint my bedroom for me
  • bbshell
    What colour paint is that on the walls I'm looking for a nice grey to paint my room. I would appreciate if you can advise. thanks so much
lc7404 wrote:Aug 29, 2012
  • PRO
  • HU-787695363
    You said they can only do the headboard so, where would I get them bottom part of the bed? Especially in the same color of the headboard? I really want to buy this headboard, but would need a matching bed frame.
Munir Abbas wrote:Aug 23, 2013
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    They are difficult to find! We have found inspiration online and in magazines but do not have a great source for extra large headboards, that is why we are making so many! Good luck and let us know what you find : )
  • carolfarber
    will keep looking.
Daniella wrote:Jun 28, 2013
  • diane2719
    Thank you!
  • hakimahalal
    I looked at benjamin Moore chip paint and found Evening dove 2128-30 is matching to the wall color and very close,
hannahbec wrote:Nov 18, 2013
  • PRO
    Manchester of the East
    Manchester of the East www.motecraft.com can provide you fur like soft white shaggy rug like this one...
  • shaboehm
    Would never have a rug that was real fur!
delives wrote:May 6, 2013
  • mrscloney
    the light is beautiful.
  • Laurie-Ann Corbin-Prescott
    I would truly like to know what material this rug is??? Where would I find it? Aprox cost?
marcelho wrote:Oct 26, 2013
florida786 wrote:Feb 23, 2013
  • roddeycourtney
    How much for this bed queen size email address provided I'm getting mail failure
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    Try elizabeth@orangecoastinteriordesign.com or call 949-360-9936 and I can help you!
Claudia Cables wrote:Feb 2, 2013
  • PRO
    Amy Cuker, MBA, LEED AP
    but if you can't keep plants alive, is it better to have a fake one or none at all?
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    Amy, we think that depends on the space. We use silk plants from time to time, but prefer to use real greenery.
E K wrote:Oct 14, 2012
  • Lana
    What is the name & # of the paint color on the walls & ceiling?
  • annettsmith
    Go online and search chandeliers/ceiling lamps, since this company will not disclose anything. It's all easy to find. I found cabinet knobs and door pulls by googling them.
ssideras wrote:Sep 25, 2012
  • mariyahmariyah
    I'm looking for the answer about the rug, too. R these questions ever answered???? I know this rug is NOT Shagrug, it looks like some sort of Fur.
  • lisabuckley
    i love the rug, too. Where can i find it?
tiamo1217 wrote:Sep 1, 2012
  • baybstr
    Are the two colors the same? it looks like the ceiling is a separate color.
  • Kathy Valentine
    Color also looks like
    Kendal Charcoal as well
fostemn wrote:Feb 21, 2015
  • centpooh
    what color is the paint?
  • Nicole S.
    I would like to know what us the paint color?
Bryan wrote:Oct 27, 2014
  • Gregory Hall
    What is was the estimated cost for this headboards?
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design

    The price Depends on the size. Please call us for an estimate.



klewis621 wrote:Aug 10, 2014
wagnermm wrote:Aug 5, 2013
  • wagnermm
    thanks-can you tell me where to get them?
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    You can find polished nickel rods at most hardware stores. We can order them for you if you would like. Call 949-360-9936
kristodia wrote:Sep 20, 2012
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    Yes it is real! We only put real images on our Houzz page. We love our photographer. His name is Ken Henry. He is wonderful to work with and a very good $ value. Let us know if you would like his contact information!
  • PRO
    Cynthia Taylor-Luce
    Thanks, Orange Coast, if ever I do work in California he would be great!
weeksy wrote:Apr 9, 2016
  • Evelyn Lugo
    Was answered a year ago...Dunn Edwards "baby seal"
  • Cynthia Cozzolino
    Paint is perfect and was answered. :)
    Like to know where yummy rug was purchased hoping local
Yaniece Spencer wrote:Apr 6, 2016
mcadet76 wrote:Apr 17, 2015
  • PRO
    Castelle and Leon

    We sell this gorgeous chandelier and offer free shipping worldwide. Please contact us at castelleleon@gmail.com for more details

  • PRO
    Prestige Chandelier
    We can provide the chandelier for you. It will look and feel very similar to this one. We can also make it in any size you desire as well. Contact me if you are interested.
jenn1623 wrote:Nov 4, 2014
  • Lawrence Ballack
    If the dimensions suit you, are you going to buy the house?
  • tatd
    That was fairly rude LB. Sometimes people ask questions like that to get an idea of what can be done within a certain footprint.
    Houzz is not a place for sarcasm... Just sharing.
shanna Greaves wrote:Nov 3, 2014
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    The carpet is sheep skin.
  • soniatdk1
    BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Model # UL260-4 Internet # 202180494
    Chat Offline
    8 oz. #UL260-4 Pewter Ring Interior/Exterior
bisoubisou wrote:Aug 25, 2014
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    Baby seal/ Dunn Edwards
  • soniatdk1
    BEHR Premium Plus Ultra Model # UL260-4 Internet # 202180494
    Chat Offline
    8 oz. #UL260-4 Pewter Ring Interior/Exterior
Zoe C wrote:Aug 22, 2014
  • Zoe C
    those floors are softer than wool from a sheep!
  • Zoe C
    how does that headboard look 3d
Courtney Lampkins wrote:Jan 27, 2014
sayelarkpor wrote:Nov 3, 2013
  • michlny
    I second this question
  • Melissa Donovan
    Like the chandelier
laurenzzz wrote:Oct 16, 2013
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    We have a plant specialist we use for every project! Call us and we can give you his information. He is out of socal.
  • PRO
    ramaballabha mahapatra
    what's that on the floor? Is that some kind of smooth and bulky cover?
spetty638 wrote:Jul 3, 2013
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    All can be purchased though us. Give us a call at 949-360-0780 to specify and put in an order.
  • Renee Cassaniti
    What size is rug and material?
caroljack wrote:Jun 26, 2013
  • thehearnes3
    Who manufactures the light? It is exquisite.
  • Jenye Fletcher
    I want to know where this headboard came from!
tammylb83 wrote:Feb 4, 2013
  • Cherie Marcheselli
    where can I find the rug, and what is it made of please. I love the wall color also, what is it? Thank you Cherie
  • Daniella
    I love the rug too. I seen on another post a similar rug and the info on where you can find them was this website kiwi-sheepskins.com. They come in various sizes, shapes & colors. Hope this helps!
Shauna wrote:Jan 27, 2013
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    Judy's Custom Workroom made the bed (but could just do the headboard portion for you if you want) 949-360-0780 is their number
  • Ashley Miller
    what is it made out of?
miacamp14 wrote:Apr 26, 2015
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design

    This is a custom bed made by Judy's Custom Workroom in Aliso Viejo, CA 949-360-0780


Betzaida wrote:Apr 15, 2015
team_taylor wrote:Oct 20, 2014
tmentele wrote:Sep 13, 2014
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    The headboard fabric is dark brow silk and has triple rows of rhinestones.

vwill12 wrote:Aug 23, 2014
Jenna Langhurst wrote:Apr 22, 2014
mminkent wrote:Apr 14, 2014
Tasmine Lukashik wrote:Dec 2, 2013
  • tammi131
    I did my bedroom this color a few years back...everyone thought I was crazy! It turned out gorgeous! I used Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint the color was Pewter Ring. Use with bright white trim and accents you can't go wrong.
Dawnnice Zinerman wrote:Aug 30, 2013
jennyray1 wrote:Apr 28, 2013
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    It is a custom platform bed/ headboard. Judy's Custom Workroom can make a similar headboard to this in any size or fabric(s). 949-360-0780
tdavtahoe wrote:Apr 19, 2013
blackpineapple wrote:Feb 10, 2013
  • premandr
    Please tell....
Mindy Halloran wrote:Feb 6, 2013
  • tori4117
    I think it's a personal preference... for instance, we painted each ceiling to match the paint color of each room just recently in our newly constructed home. However, we varied on intensity of each ceiling, since it always looks a shade darker than the walls. So we often went a shade lighter to bring it all together. Also have crown molding. Hope that helps! :)
rue32gallery wrote:Jan 7, 2013
  • lesiabny

    Where can I purchase the chanderlier?

Paige wrote:Jan 6, 2013
  • noradesh
    where do u buy that beg head board? its absolutely beautiful....or do u custom order it and have it made??
Johany Noesi wrote:Dec 19, 2012
t1homas wrote:Oct 13, 2012
  • PRO
    Orange Coast Interior Design
    We designed it at had it made at Judy's Custom Workroom (www.judyscustomworkroom.com)
marknjess wrote:Aug 28, 2012
  • PRO
    Interior design
    and what is the material used of carpet?!
jonjontennis wrote:May 2, 2016
    terrielmore wrote:Aug 30, 2015
      london247 wrote:Feb 6, 2015
        alienonearth wrote:Nov 5, 2014
          elue wrote:Sep 17, 2014
            gregkristin wrote:Aug 19, 2014
              1sandita4 wrote:May 31, 2014
                Shazia Farooq wrote:Feb 10, 2014
                  marydoll123 wrote:Jan 11, 2014
                    Vicki Stevenson wrote:Jan 8, 2014
                      Danielle wrote:Dec 26, 2013
                        mommamincy wrote:Sep 27, 2013
                          sidebuddy wrote:Aug 23, 2013
                            Renee Cassaniti wrote:Aug 4, 2013
                              Machel Green wrote:Jul 14, 2013
                                ditshebo wrote:May 9, 2013
                                  lrsmithi wrote:Feb 10, 2013
                                    kjf417 wrote:Feb 1, 2013
                                      Samantha Sippets wrote:Jan 31, 2013
                                        vickieblarose wrote:Jan 10, 2013
                                          Chathurika Ramanayake wrote:Dec 24, 2012
                                            cdz2012 wrote:Aug 28, 2012

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