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Example of a huge farmhouse master carpeted bedroom design in Gloucestershire with gray walls
Sims Hilditch
Sims Hilditch

Sims Hilditch, Cotswold Manor HouseFarmhouse Bedroom, Gloucestershire

Example of a huge farmhouse master carpeted bedroom design in Gloucestershire with gray walls —  Houzz

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This photo has 54 questions

ndozz wrote:Oct 24, 2014
Where is this bed from?

  • jekisil

    Where is the bench from?

  • Susan Davis

    Well we aren't going to get the paint color.....choose your fabric for the bed then segue all your other colors from that.....Going for the look is what is important. Monochromatic with a touch of rustic in the bench and touch of country in the paint on the chests and atouch of luxe in the silk curtains and a touch of modern in the photos....think about it. I think a designer in your area could appoximate this room.

mnlees wrote:Nov 1, 2014
Where are the dressers from?

  • flowers456
    Hi there - I would also like to know where the bedside tables are from. Thank you.
fb1234 wrote:Nov 1, 2014
where is carpet from ?

    Donna Weess wrote:Nov 12, 2014
    • jillstorm
      Paint colors please? Wall, ceiling and trim? Thanks so much! Beautiful!
    • PRO
      Sims Hilditch


      Thank you for your interest in our Cotswold Manor House project.

      The paint used for the walls is called Slate III from Paint and Paper Library.

      The paint used for the ceiling and cornice is called Slate I from Paint and Paper Library.

      Best wishes,

      Sims Hilditch

    Patricia Kearson wrote:Nov 14, 2014
    Molly2017 M wrote:Nov 16, 2014
      rcunn25 wrote:Nov 17, 2014
        flowers456 wrote:Nov 22, 2014
        • Pru Coleman
          I would like to know where you got the bed frame from?
        • PRO
          Sims Hilditch


          Thank you for your interest in our Cotswold Manor House project.

          The wall paint is from Paint and Paper Library and is called Slate III.

          The Bedside tables are from Flamant and are called Ninette Chest of Drawers.

          The Bedside table lamp is from Vaughan and is called Crystal Vase Lamp. The shades are also from Vaughan and are called 18" Bedford Shade in Birch Silk.

          The Bed Headboard and Armchair are bespoke pieces by Sims Hilditch for this specific project.

          We do hope you are able to find something similar.

          Best wishes,

          Sims Hilditch

        JCM Living wrote:Feb 4, 2015
        Where did you get the lounge chair? I'd love to get something similar

          Charu Lavania wrote:Feb 7, 2015
          whats the color of the room

            Shawn Bordelon wrote:Feb 7, 2015
            Where do the small bedside lights come from?

            - Where do the small bedside lights come from?

              triplet wrote:Feb 21, 2015
              Love those lamps next to the bed. Where did you get them? Beautiful!

                Sonia wrote:Feb 22, 2015
                Paint color please? Thank you

                - .

                • arptech
                  Please respond about your paint choice. We love your work!
                • PRO
                  Sims Hilditch


                  Thank you for your interest in our Cotswold Manor House project.

                  The paint used for the walls is from Paint and Paper Library and is called Slate III.

                  Best wishes,

                  Sims Hilditch

                elleau wrote:Feb 23, 2015
                • miwrighttx

                  Did you mean "appealing" instead of "appalling"?

                gishelle48 wrote:Mar 1, 2015
                I would like to know the room size?

                  Anne Lyon wrote:Apr 26, 2015
                  • dkerdman

                    Where is the bench at the bottom of the bed from?

                  • napers77


                  loricauthen wrote:Apr 27, 2015
                  love this bed! where is it from?

                    L Fanch wrote:Jul 2, 2015
                    May I ask were the curtains custom made? If not, where can I purchase?

                    • vbgraffish
                      Where can I purchase the curtains?
                    Kelsey wrote:Jul 12, 2015
                    Where are bed and bench from?

                    - Thank you!

                      megashop wrote:Jul 31, 2015
                      • sharschenker
                        Love the dressers where are they from.
                      • Rebecca Curl
                        Love the side tables. Would you share where they can be purchased and the maker?
                      jc6541 wrote:Oct 4, 2015
                      • elflady2

                        I've used this site all throughout the constuction of my new home. I found these photos to be a great resource of ideas.

                        Maybe instead of being rude and accusatory, you might want to take a look through the questions and replies. This designer has stated several times that the bedside tables/chests were custom made for this project. As for the wall color- she gave that information as well.

                        I'm not sure why some of you people believe that these companies and designers have nothing better to do than repeatedly answer the same questions. Yes, it's a way for them to promote their business but they are not on here to work for you for free.

                      • Sandra Salmon
                        It is unfortunate, however, many times not all questions being asked can be seen. This question has been answered many times, you just don't see this as questions drop off when asked and answered. Just an FYI, I actually called a designer to find out why my paint Q wasn't answered.
                      stacey bos wrote:Oct 17, 2015
                      I'd like to know of the paint color as well. I won't hold anyone respo

                        kraye15 wrote:Oct 28, 2015
                        What is the wall paint color please

                          shawardf wrote:Nov 8, 2015
                          Where can I get the night stands? Thank you.'

                            Steven Kepley wrote:Nov 22, 2015
                              Lillian Dejesus wrote:Dec 17, 2015
                                katskaggs wrote:Dec 30, 2015
                                  Rebecca Curl wrote:Jan 2, 2016
                                  • PRO
                                    Sims Hilditch

                                    Hi Rebecca,

                                    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

                                    I want to explain to you why we cannot offer this information. We work with a wide variety suppliers on each of our projects of which, many the items specified are bespoke. We share our photos for illustrate purposes whereby people are able to enjoy our work and take inspiration. We do (where possible) answer questions regarding paint colours and where you may find similar items. If you have a specific queries, please don't hesitate to ask and we will try our best to help.

                                    I do hope this answers your question.

                                    Best wishes,

                                  • Borboletazul
                                    My friend is a designer and she explained that if she keep telling people where to buy the items she researches so hard to find for her clients, then how is she going to make a living if she keep on researching where to find certain items and give the information for free? No one likes to work for free, I certainly don't. Certain items the professionals here can share with us but others they can't and when they can't it's because it was specifically researched for the client who hired them and it's because the cost is also prohibitive. My friend said some pieces are not cheap (often the one they can't disclose) but if someone is truly interested, they can always contact the lead designer directly and order the piece.
                                  hpascucci wrote:Jan 11, 2016
                                  • Borboletazul
                                    That was a classy response on your part Sims. I think when someone is genuinely interested, they contact the firm who posted the pictures here directly instead of airing their grievances here. Not nice. The people who post pictures of their projects here have lives and don't have the time to always be answering questions, which sometimes the people browsing the pictures don't read the entire thread and keep asking the same question that was answered before. It's so annoying and if I'm annoyed by it, I can only imagine the PRO who posted the pictures here.
                                  • rachelduchesne

                                    As a fellow design professional I understand the argument, however paint colors are hardly proprietary, you are getting free advertising from Houzz after all. There should be some good will . . .

                                  johanne champagne wrote:Jan 14, 2016
                                  Please confirm the color on the wall, thanks

                                  • PRO
                                    Sims Hilditch

                                    Hi Johanne,

                                    Thank you or your interest in our project. The paint colour is called Slate III from Paint Library.

                                  • Borboletazul
                                    Beautiful bedroom and the color choices make it specially restful, relaxing and stress free room. WOW!
                                  jblonstein wrote:Jan 29, 2016
                                  • jeffnkim

                                    Yes, I'd like to know the paint color too!

                                  • Judy Slater
                                    This bench is by Legacy Home fashions. Just saw it at my local Home Goods store. Nice bench with very firm padding.
                                  imus1234 wrote:Feb 10, 2016
                                  • PRO
                                    Sims Hilditch

                                    Hi there, thank you for taking an interest in our project. These drawers were bespoke for the project. Sorry we couldn't help any further.

                                  Jedanna Owens wrote:May 14, 2016
                                    dwts wrote:Jul 1, 2016
                                      torilcall wrote:Jul 4, 2016
                                        hfenley wrote:Jul 18, 2016
                                        • Trad Bear

                                          love carpet too.

                                        • Tif Adams

                                          what is the brand name and wall color , please?

                                        joan32 wrote:Aug 20, 2016
                                          julie237 wrote:Aug 24, 2016
                                          Where can I find the chest and what brand is it?

                                            shives1 wrote:Sep 27, 2016
                                            Can you tell me more about the drapes and where they can be purchased.

                                              colleencw wrote:Nov 1, 2016
                                              Ornela Gorreja-Hasa wrote:Jan 16, 2017
                                              • PRO
                                                Sims Hilditch

                                                Hi Ornela,

                                                Thank you for the interest in our Cotswold Manor Project. The bedside chest of drawers were made bespoke for us for this particular project.

                                                Best wishes


                                                Sims Hilditch

                                              • PRO
                                                Catherine Hoffmann design consultant

                                                guess this wasnt for me!

                                              Shmulik Noifeld wrote:Feb 18, 2017
                                              what is the size of the bed?

                                                Maria Martocci wrote:Mar 18, 2017
                                                who makes the side chests/ nightstands?

                                                - Who makes the side chests/night stands?

                                                • hydekinerk

                                                  what are the paint color used and carpet?

                                                • PRO
                                                  Sims Hilditch


                                                  Thank you for your interest in our Cotswold Manor House Project.

                                                  The wall paint used is by Paint & Paper Library and is called Slate III.

                                                  The Floor finish is Venice carpet by Capitol Carpets.

                                                  Best wishes,

                                                  Sims Hilditch

                                                ncomstock7 wrote:Mar 26, 2017
                                                bed and panel switch on the wall.

                                                - could you please share information on the bed?

                                                • texsheva

                                                  Such a peaceful retreat of a bedroom! Love the look! I'd have to move the lamps closer to the bed and rehang the pictures on the other side - don't want to get out of bed to turn off the light after reading. Other than that small personal preference...perfect!

                                                • Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA)

                                                  See there are reading lights on each side of the headboard.

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