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Canopy Beds

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Dating back to medieval Europe, canopy beds still look flawless in a traditional bedroom with their ageless grace and sense of luxury. While you can opt to attach drapes to the canopy bed frame, you can also leave it bare to expose the warm wood texture or wrought iron detailing. In fact, many canopy bed styles are almost works of art, with posts resembling tree trunks or arched and spiraled headboards.

You can find canopy beds in a range of sizes, from a twin canopy bed frame all the way to a king canopy bed frame. Similarly, the drapes you choose to add can come in a variety of styles and colors, from sheer netting to heavy, light-blocking curtains. The frame that supports the drapes is typically rectangular in shape, but certain styles feature curved supports that arch upward away from the four bedposts to a smaller, usually circular frame.

Dream in luxury with one of our canopy beds. You deserve it.