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Fireplace mantels are known to transform a boring fireplace into a stunning focal point. Often a desirable feature (whether you regularly enjoy fires or not), fireplace mantles can complement and enhance the design style in any home. Fireplace surrounds and mantels are available in a variety of materials, including reclaimed wood, brick, stone, concrete and plaster. Here is some helpful information to help you choose the right mantelpiece for your home:

What’s the difference between a fireplace mantel and a fireplace surround?

Mantels: Often called a mantel shelf, these refer to a shelf-like piece above a fireplace that usually serves a decorative purpose. A fireplace mantle is often seen “floating” on the wall or surround above the fire, and it is deep enough to place framed photos or seasonal decorations on.

Surrounds: Fireplace surrounds literally surround the fire feature on three sides, the top piece typically being a mantel (though this is not necessary). They can be ornate structures made out of wood or marble corbels, as well as a more traditional brick surround. Simple concrete or plaster fireplace surrounds bring a clean, modern touch to the room, whereas layering a combination of materials will add depth and texture to your space.