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Work spaces in the home have become a standard. Whether it sees everyday 9 to 5 use or just the occasional monthly bill paying session, this space needs the proper home office accessories to run smoothly. Between all of the technological gadgets, knickknacks and good old-fashioned writing utensils, it’s easy for chaos to quickly take over. Fear not — organization can be easy with a few home office essentials. When you give everything a designated spot, finding your favorite pen or locating that important note no longer becomes a frustrating treasure hunt.

Stock Up on Essentials

For the most productive work-from-home environment, make sure you have the necessary home office accessories. What might those be? Here are our favorites to get you through the workday with ease:

  • Charging stations: Keep your phone and other chargeables in full power with a designated station that holds all of your gadgets.
  • Cable management: Corral those cords and avoid an unsightly mess of wires with the proper organizers.
  • Bulletin boards: Pin up important information or jot down reminders with a note center. Whiteboards and magnetic boards also make great options.
  • Wastebaskets: Stay tidy with a stylish wastebasket to toss those crumpled notes and snack wrappers in without having to leave your workspace.
  • Desk accessories: Pens, pencils, stapler, scissors, note pads — don’t be caught without them.
  • Decor: Yes, decor is definitely an important piece of the office accessory equation. You need pleasant things to look at while you work away all day, right?! Think picture frames, books and fun figurines.

The Key to a Smooth-Running Setup

So what’s the key to creating the most functional home office? Keep a list of wanted or needed office products in a highly visible place. Every time you think of something that could have made a task easier, add it to the list! The simple act of writing it down could help you remember the item next time you’re at the store (even if you forget the list). This trick will help you slowly but surely build your custom workspace according to your exact desires.