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A fun set of bookends is the perfect accessory for any book collection, be it small or large. These simple yet effective accents not only keep your novels from tipping over, they also add character with a wide range of designs, styles and colors. Agate bookends are elegant, colorful and unique, while more simplistic metal bookends can keep a home library looking uniform and neat. Others take on the shape of horse heads, dogs, zebras and birds, and some even feature one bookend as the head of the animal and the other end as the tail.

If your little one is gathering a collection of books as they grow, you can also find bookends in more youthful designs like owl bookends. These decorative bookends are a great way to complement a themed child’s room or simply add a touch of whimsy in a playroom.

We’ve got a huge selection of bookends, small and large, whimsical and modern, for your perusal right here on Houzz!