59 Ideabooks by Frank Organ

Modern Planting Ideas From a Historic English Garden
10 photos
In the shadow of one of England’s oldest cathedrals sits Bishopscourt, the home of the Bishop of Rochester. Behind it is a traditional English garden that is being brought into the 21st century. Bishopscourt’s updated design is a revelation, with...
Dare to Go Gray in the Garden
14 photos
Gray has become a popular color choice for interior walls, as it combines so well with many colors without overpowering them. It is what is known as a neutral or achromatic color — that is, a color without color. Gray can adapt to colors adjacent to...
Artistic Planting Ideas From a Brazilian Superstar
9 photos
Association football, or soccer, was invented in England, a nation of sport lovers and passionate gardeners, but it is Brazil that gave us Pelé, arguably the finest player in the sport’s history. Brazil also gave us Roberto Burle Marx,...
9 Self-Seeders Capture Chelsea Flower Show Magic
11 photos
The paving finish may be exquisite, the water features entrancing, but above all it’s the magic of the planting that really says Chelsea Flower Show. The designers weave the plants...
Boxwood Alternatives Bring the Chelsea Flower Show to You
7 photos
With the end of May approaching, I’m looking forward to the Chelsea Flower Show, the highlight of the British gardening year, where top garden designers will once again wow us...
Give Your Lawn a Taste of the Wild
7 photos
I’m an Englishman, so a perfectly manicured lawn is set deep within my gardening genes. Rainfall levels and temperate summers of the British Isles allow the grass to mature to a perfect green verdure, making it an ideal climate for lush green lawns....
Garden Color: Lighten and Brighten With Yellow
10 photos
During the flower-power days of the 1960s, Donovan sang about “being mad about saffron” in his hit song Mellow Yellow. Are we still mad about yellow in our gardens, and can it be mellow? Nature commonly uses yellow, with spring flowers like...
Geometric Designs Keep Plants in Line
10 photos
We have always been taught to plant in groups of odd numbers, threes and fives and so on, and to create natural-looking drifts that ebb and flow into one another. But what if we choose not to? What if we’re stricter in the ways we plant, using even-numbered...
Mondrian Lives On in Modern Garden Design
8 photos
Monet gave us wonderful insight into the use of color, transferring his skills with canvas to the gardens of his house at Giverny; Matisse’s collages showed us
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