52 Ideabooks by Frank Organ

Geometric Designs Keep Plants in Line
10 photos
We have always been taught to plant in groups of odd numbers, threes and fives and so on, and to create natural-looking drifts that ebb and flow into one another. But what if we choose not to? What if we’re stricter in the ways we plant, using even-numbered...
Mondrian Lives On in Modern Garden Design
8 photos
Monet gave us wonderful insight into the use of color, transferring his skills with canvas to the gardens of his house at Giverny; Matisse’s collages showed us
Garden Inspiration From a Visionary Victorian
9 photos
“Large or small, [the garden] should be orderly and rich. It should be well fenced from the outside world. It should by no means imitate either the willfulness or the wildness of nature, but should look like a thing never to be seen except near the...
Orange in the Garden: Do You Dare?
11 photos
Orange is perhaps the most contentious color to use in the garden — we tend to either love it or hate it. Yet in gardening it has a very good pedigree. Gertrude Jekyll, a Victorian gardener famed for her skill in the use of color in planting schemes,...
Is Your Garden Cut Out for Matisse Inspiration?
8 photos
Famed French artist Henri Matisse’s cutouts exhibition will be the highlight of the modern art world in 2014. The Tate Modern will be the first to host the show, before it travels to New York’s Museum of Modern Art. Then the works will return to private...
Go for Baroque for a Vivacious, Colorful Garden
8 photos
Why not give your garden a touch of the baroque? The baroque movement is thought to have originated in 17th-century Italy before spreading to the rest of Europe, where it influenced painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature and even garden...
Beat the Frost With Natural Terra-Cotta Containers
9 photos
As the first frost blackens the summer bedding in our pots and containers, thoughts may go to replanting for the spring with hardy bedding plants and spring-flowering bulbs. It’s a good time to think...
Green-Only Gardens Draw the Eye and Soothe the Spirit
11 photos
We often strive to put colors in our planting designs, in the use of both foliage and flower. But are different colors essential? If we skillfully choose and combine plants, a monochromatic green palette can give us just as much interest as flowers with...
Polish Your Garden's Look With Metal
13 photos
We tend to use stone, brick or wood when constructing our gardens. But what about metal? Gates and fences have traditionally been the obvious uses for metal in the garden, as the material is durable and cost effective but not always very decorative....
Circle Round for Great Garden Design
13 photos
“All my life's a circle," the pop group The New Seekers sang in 1972. Circles are all around us — from clocks and tables to wheels and plates. Circles also have been in our landscape for millennia — just think of the stone rings of Stonehenge in...
How to Design a Calming Minimalist Garden
11 photos
Minimalist gardens may sound plain and boring to some; others think they are simple and stylish. Practically, minimalist gardens can be perfect as family gardens. Taking their cue from decluttered houses, they offer space that works for our lifestyles. Minimalist...
Explore a Magical Restored English Garden
16 photos
In England we are blessed to be able to visit a wide range of historic gardens, from the landscapes of stately mansions to the more intimate gardens of renowned gardeners such as Lawrence Johnson, who designed Hidcote....
Crazy for Colorful Cones: 5 Container Plantings Beyond the Bowl
9 photos
Hanging baskets have been a feature of British gardens for generations. Usually planted with an array of summer-flowering annuals and half-hardy perennials, they put that extra something into even a small garden. Traditional hanging baskets were...
Get More From Your Garden by Mixing Things Up
10 photos
Can you mix formal with informal in garden design? Absolutely. You see it all the time in gardens, especially small gardens, where defined formal hardscape is softened by fluid, informal planting. Most gardens until the early part of the last...
Get the Mystery of a Gothic Garden for Yourself
14 photos
Gothic gardening may bring thoughts of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and Victorian novels, but Gothic garden design simply follows the architectural style predominant in Western Europe at the time; from the 12th century, Gothic architecture was characterized...
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