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Choosing a clothes hamper for your laundry room or bathroom may not be the most important design decision that you will face, but it’s definitely not a decision that is lacking available options. A small design decision like this helps add up to create the overall style and theme of your home’s decor. More 
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Do I want a built-in or freestanding hamper?

When considering which type of laundry hamper you plan on using, think about if you want a built-in hamper, or if you would prefer something more portable. If you choose to go with a built-in hamper, then will it be a tilt hamper or a pull out hamper cabinet? A built-in style takes a lot of the personal display of your expression out of the decision, but then again, do you really want to air your dirty laundry to everyone anyways?

Which laundry hamper material is best for me?

For those of you going with clothes hampers that are closer to furniture pieces than strictly functional storage tools used to collect your laundry, the world is your oyster — and possibilities are endless. Cloth hampers offer an old-school laundry delivery service feel to them. Plus, laundry hamper sorters are more commonly made in this material and style. Double hampers make sorting your colors from your whites a really easy, and I dare say enjoyable, task. For a more country home feel when doing laundry, consider a wicker laundry basket. They’re extremely portable, and will store your clean folded laundry once you’ve finished your load. Perhaps your bathroom is more zen spa than laundromat. In that case, a clean and sturdy wood hamper may be more your style.

Any laundry hampers for small spaces?

There are also extremely portable options if you just don’t want to be restricted to keeping your clothes in one place. For the person constantly on the go, a hamper with wheels will suit your needs. For the clothes horse who also happens to travel light, a laundry bag can hang just about anywhere. It may make you feel like you are getting hotel laundry service every day. And for a “now you see it, now you don’t” hamper, pop up laundry bags are both space saving and discreet.

Already know what your clothes hamper style is? Then just click right through until the right one pops up and reveals itself; otherwise, take your time and get to know the styles and types that will fit both you and your laundry’s needs.
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