Audrey Brandt began her professional career in Residential Interior Design in Tokyo, where nuance of form and artistic expression are the essence of Japanese culture. During her six years in Japan, she worked and traveled extensively throughout the Far East and Asia, and returned to the United States deeply influenced and inspired by the spirit of those cultures.

Audrey Brandt Interior Design encompasses all aspects of professional interior design. Audrey has designed homes and habitats in a wide range of styles and motifs for new construction, remodel and renovation. Audrey takes pride in her ability to create strikingly unique design that is reflective of the client's dreams and sensibilities. Audrey unifies each project with a synergy of creativity, exacting attention to aesthetic detail and composition, while maintaining her dedication to the client's needs, and the architectural integrity the project.

Audrey has assembled a strong team of artisans and craftsmen that work together to meet project needs. Custom design and fabrication of carpets, furniture, lighting and accessories are another unique aspect Audrey offers to meet client's needs.

Audrey studied interior design at Colorado State University and has lectured at the Parson School of Design in New York. She is an artist and international traveler at heart and brings a pan-cultural discipline to her design work by combining her extensive knowledge of 'East meets West' with her eclectic and original vision.

Audrey's interior design work has been published in numerous magazines including, Traditional Homes, Home and Garden and California Homes. Her own house, located in the Pacific Heights district of San Francisco, was featured in the TV series "Suddenly Susan," and was recently shown in HTV Series "Homes of San Francisco" with Nancy Glass.
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